Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sinful Sunday: Hotter Than Fire

Husband and I enjoyed a lovely bonfire at my family's house on Saturday night. It got even hotter after all the kids finally went inside for the night.

Sinful Sunday

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

TMI Tuesday: April 24, 2018

One, two, three, four, five things is what we are playing this TMI Tuesday.

Tell us . . .

1. The problem with you in 5 words.
I have much childhood trauma.

2. 5 things you want in life.
To be loved and valued.
Lots of great sex.
To travel all over the world.
The ability to believe that I'm an attractive, intelligent, worthwhile person.
A dog.

3. 5 things you need to quit.
Putting myself down.
Starving myself.
Worrying about everything.
Saying yes to everything.
Eating things that contain dairy.

4. 5 things you require in a lover.
Sharing of deep emotional things with me (this is essential for me to feel connected).
Attentive and supportive.
Confidence (without being cocky).
A higher than average sex drive.

5. 5 things you are tired of.

Bonus: What 5 things will you never share on social media?
Hmm. I share so much. I'm like an open book. It is hard to think of things I won't share.
My social security number.
My address.
Pictures of my pussy.
How much I weigh.
My credit card info.

1. The problem with you in 5 words.
Too much inside my head.

2. 5 things you want in life.
Great books
Great sex
Great friendships

3. 5 things you need to quit.
Not sleeping enough.
Not communicating enough.
Seeing myself in negative lighting.
Not standing up for myself.
Feeling inadequate.

4. 5 things you require in a lover.

5. 5 things you are tired of.
My job.
Feeling lost.

Bonus: What 5 things will you never share on social media?
Social Security Number
Banking information
ISP address
Dick pics.


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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sinful Sunday: Butt Plug Level-up

Husband likes to fuck me doggy style while I have a plug in my ass. Yes, of course I like it too. I have always gone for the smaller plugs for this because the larger ones scare me a bit. The thought of being so full is exciting but terrifying at the same time. Husband has been wanting me to graduate from the small ones to a medium one. Recently, we got this medium sized Njoy butt plug as a gift from Jacob. I have to say that I really love it and it wasn't scary at all once it was in place. Maybe I'll end up getting a larger one. We'll see...

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Sinful Sunday

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

TMI Tuesday: April 17, 2018

TMI Tuesday this week is all about YOUR sexual guide.

Lovers Guide

1. Write your 3 sexual commandments and share them here at TMI Tuesday.
Thou shalt practice safer sex.
Thou shalt be generous and giving.
Thou shalt not fake orgasms.

2. Tell us your 3 D’s of relationship destruction.
Distance (emotional)

3. WikiHow lists several steps to seduce someone. What are your top 3 moves of seduction?
I don't think I'm very good at seducing people, but these are my usual moves:
1. Make eye contact.
2. Appear to be cute and innocent.
3. Talk about sexy things.

4. What is your sexual healing?
Intimacy is the biggest thing for me. Usually the intimacy comes before and after the sex though. Sex itself is very healing for me as well if it's really rough. It's kind of like fucking all the bad thoughts out of me. I think impact play is much more healing for me though.

5. Would you attend a class that taught you how to have an orgasm?
I'm having a hard time figuring out how that can be taught as a class. I know some women have a really hard time reaching orgasm but I'm not sure how taking a class could help them. I would think the best way to learn how to have an orgasm would be to explore your own body. Find out what feels good and what doesn't feel good. Figure out how you like to be touched and practice doing it. If you are still having trouble, it may be a good idea to visit a sex therapist.

Bonus: In which areas of your life are you overly confident?
Hmmm. I'm pretty confident in my blow job skills. That's about it. I'm sure I'm failing at everything else in life.

1. Write your 3 sexual commandments and share them here at TMI Tuesday.
I. Have sex. II. Have sex often. III. Have fun having sex.

2. Tell us your 3 D’s of relationship destruction.
Distance (emotional and physical rather than spatial), Deceit (this one in my opinion speaks for itself), Differences (sometimes there are too many differences of too grand of a scale for things to continue to work).

3. WikiHow lists several steps to seduce someone. What are your top 3 moves of seduction?
I think being myself works. I know it doesn't work on everybody, which is probably a good thing, because I am more than a little weird. My smile I feel like is my best quality. I know that it makes me squint and tends to lean away from photogenic, but it is genuine. Goofiness would likely be another. I know that it may not always come across that way outwardly, but inwardly I sometimes just have to force myself to be more confident than I am, I think it helps.

4. What is your sexual healing?
Honestly I think just sex in general is a healing thing for me. My love language is touch, and having sex ties really closely into that. Sex can turn a bad day around into something positive.

5. Would you attend a class that taught you how to have an orgasm?
If it was something feasible for me to attend, then yes I would. I would love to see if there was something for me to learn and experience.

Bonus: In which areas of your life are you overly confident?
I think the one thing that I get overconfident about is some areas at work that I feel I have expertise in, I can sometimes come across as cocky when it involves wastewater related things, or big projects/work that I was involved in.


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Friday, April 13, 2018

Kink of the Week: Doggy Style

While I enjoy sex in almost any position I've tried, my favorite sex position is definitely doggy style. There are so many different reasons that I enjoy being fucked from behind. As I write about the things that I love about doggy style, Husband is going to add his comments (in bold) as well.

Sometimes, doggy style really caters to the submissive in me. I love to lie down on the bed, flat on my tummy, while Husband lies on top of me, using his weight to hold me down. He enters me from behind, using my pussy to get himself off. Being used like this makes me feel so dirty. I especially love when he calls me a slut while doing this because then it feels extra filthy. This is the only position that I really like to feel degraded and used in. It feels so hot that the only point of this is to get him off. Though, he always helps get me off after he cums, either using his mouth or his fingers. Over the last few years, this has been a very intense display of dominance from me, and one I thoroughly enjoy. Something about taking her and being in complete control, just because I want to is really enticing for me. I love being really foul mouthed about using her like this, especially when I hold her down with a hand grasping her ass, and my other entwined in her hair holding her head down. Very, very nice.

Another way it really pleases the submissive in me is when he's forceful with it. This is my favorite way to have sex in the doggy style position. I love when he takes control of me, pushing me down and pulling my hair. It feels so good when he uses my pigtails as handlebars. When he gets really into it, he grabs onto my hips, pulling me into him, fucking me HARD. I love when I can get into a really great rhythm and just pound the fuck out of her. It gets so loud that it sounds like I am spanking her when it is only our bodies colliding together. The sound of our bodies slamming together, the wetness of her pussy, and the immaculate moaning that she cannot contain is divine! Sometimes he spanks my ass, which always surprises me and makes me moan. He loves to stick his thumb in my ass during this kind of intense sex. Doggy style is my favorite position for many reasons. One of them being that I have a highly sensitive area to play with. Sometimes lightly running my fingers or tongue coaxing the most amazing purring out of her, sometimes a rough kneading of her muscles with my hands getting a deeper satisfied purr. Another reason is that the view is spectacular! A glowing pale skin that can still reflect the barest amount of light, no matter how dark it seems to be. Her curves are laid out in front of me to devour with my eyes. I get to see her beautiful pussy wet and ready for me, and her perfect tight little asshole that when I see it I want to touch it, play with it, be inside of it in some way. Then the best part is actually fucking her when she is bent over. It feels so primal and powerful to me. There is an energy transfer that is always going on, from both of us, a give and take that matches how we are outside of the bedroom. She isn't lying when she says that I love to stick my thumb up her ass when I fuck her from behind, it is intense to have control over her holes that way. Sometimes I try to resist and other times I just melt into it. Mmmm. I can easily rub my clit with my fingers or use a vibrator. We almost always cum together this way, which is really fucking hot. Rough doggy style gets me off so well.

I very much enjoy using butt plugs when having sex in the doggy style position. I like that Husband can look at the plug while fucking me. I know that turns him on so much. I love how I can feel every thrust move the plug in my ass. We often fantasize or role play that someone else is fucking my ass as he is fucking my pussy. DP is a huge turn on for both of us. We fantasize about DP in missionary as well, but he's usually in my ass and a dildo is in my pussy when we do that. Getting permission to put a butt plug, or other toy into her ass ahead of time is like Halloween and Christmas all at once! It is such a turn on that I get chills and can hardly stop myself from shaking with excitement. I love being able to watch the butt plug move every time I thrust in and out of her, it makes it really difficult to hold myself together and not cum really quickly. Even better is when I get myself set up with a strap-on using my cock in her pussy with the dildo in her ass. Being able to fuck both of her holes and fill her up while she gets to fantasize about more than one partner inside of her is exquisite.

I don't often feel very dominant in the bedroom. However, when I am feeling like taking control, doggy style is my favorite way to do it. I'll admit that I'm not the best at cowgirl sex. Because genetics sometimes screw you over, I have really bad knees that like to lock up and feel like they are going to explode. So, I don't often ride on top. Doggy style creates an easier alternative to this. After Husband enters me from behind, I can be the one in charge of the thrusting. I love to thrust back, shoving his cock deep inside my pussy. I can control the depth, speed, and hardness of the thrusts. I love making Husband cum like this. It makes me feel so empowered. I absolutely love when she feels like taking some control in the bedroom, but I have to admit it is best when she is bent over in front of me and I just hold myself readily available for her. I love how much I feel like she really wants my cock inside of her, and she is not afraid to show just how much she wants it by bucking against me.

Doggy style is also the perfect position for sex in random places. I've been bent over in an old abandoned house, grabbing onto a post for stabilization. I've also been fucked in the bathrooms of quite a few of my friend's and family's houses, bent over a sink, trying to not make any noises that would give away what we were doing in there. Sex in public is also great in this position. It's an easy position to do without having to take off too many clothing items and you can stop quickly and look innocent if someone happens to come along. Husband and I like to fuck on our balcony like this. He bends me over the railing and fucks me from behind. Once, a neighbor was sitting in their car right outside and could see everything we were doing. I'm still not sure if they realized what was going on. Fuck, that was so hot. We also tend to fuck in the doggy style position when we have sex on the couch...or in the kitchen bent over the counter or the table. It definitely makes sex easier when fucking in places outside of the bedroom. Having more sex in random places is definitely on my to do list. I love that doggy style makes it more readily able because I can push her up against a sink, a wall, table, chair, or whatever is at hand, then bend her over and just fuck her.

Rear-entry spooning is something that I'm not a big fan of. The cock just doesn't seem to hit all of the sweet spots. It is very useful for when you are both exhausted though. While fucking me in this position, Husband usually lifts my leg up and into my chest as he rubs my clit. You won't hear much moaning from me in this position because it just doesn't feel that great. We usually end up in more of a T shape by the end of it, which does feel slightly better. Really, this position is only good for when I really need to be fucked but neither of us can be bothered to put that much effort into it. So, it will do when times are rough. I wouldn't have thought of including this in doggy style fucking, but essentially it is, just sideways. We definitely do this more when we are exhausted and/or sore and it does the job, but usually takes longer (which could be because of being exhausted in the first place). One thing about rear-entry spooning that I do like is that if I am in the mood for breath play, it is a simpler way of incorporating for me. This was actually how I started breath play with her. It started very slowly, just light pressure, touches and caresses. Then I increased pressure when the noises she was making indicated that she was enjoying herself. From there I found that she was so wet that I couldn't resist sliding my cock into her pussy while holding her throat. That was quite fun.

There is one thing that I really dislike about doggy style. I am not a size queen. Bigger is not always better in my book. While there is such a thing as too small, I'm more happy with an average cock than an above average one. If a cock is 8+ inches long, doggy style can sometimes be too much. It goes way too deep and hits my cervix. I have a VERY sensitive cervix and if it's hit, it hurts a lot and I bleed. So, I try to avoid that whenever possible. That doesn't mean that I won't do doggy style with someone with a huge cock. It just can't be super rough.

Doggy style will always be my favorite. It's just a very versatile position and it feels absolutely amazing. I second this, also my favorite.

Sunday, April 1, 2018