Friday, October 26, 2012

Cumming In Unison

Tuesday night was pretty great. It took me a while to decide if I should write about it. I kind of wanted to keep it all to myself and enjoy it, but then I thought it needed to be shared. So, lucky you!

Trystan came over to spend the night with us. After some really wonderful cuddle time on the couch, I went off and lit some candles in the bedroom, got mostly naked and then laid in bed waiting for Husband and Trystan to join me. A few minutes later, Trystan walked into the bedroom, got naked and laid down on the bed next to me. Husband followed soon after. He climbed on top of Trystan and started making out with him. Soon, Husband was sucking Trystan's cock. I was very content to just lay there and watch. I do so love the sight of a man sucking another man off, especially when it's going on right next to me. Mmmm. I looked at Trystan's face, hoping to see the look of pleasure, and he surprised me by reaching out. He put his hand on my face, pulled me closer to him and started to kiss me. That turned me on so much that I felt my clit get all tingly. I loved the taste of his lips so much that I remember thinking that I didn't want that moment to end. I put my hand on his chest and felt his heart beating as we made out.

I eventually snapped out of the fantasy, pulled away from the kiss and watched Husband suck Trystan's cock some more. Trystan put his hand behind my head and pushed me toward Husband. I took the hint and dove in there with him. We both licked Trystan's cock, up and down, and then we kissed. I took over at that point and started sucking it by myself. Husband put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down harder. I deep throated Trystan's cock for a while and enjoyed the moans coming from his mouth as I did. Eventually Husband took over again, so I sucked his cock while he sucked Trystan's. That was the first time I did that and I really loved it. He started to shove his cock further into my mouth until I was deep throating him as well. He shoved it deep into my throat and held it there for a while. I couldn't breath, but it felt great anyway. I love the feeling of being powerless. I want them to take advantage of me so badly. Hair pulling, forcing me to do things, tying me up, holding me down and fucking me...I want it all and more. Especially if they do it together. Oh god...

After sucking Husband's cock for a while, I was so turned on that I really needed my clit to be touched before I exploded. So, I laid back down on the bed and Husband climbed on top of me. He started making out with me and then removed my panties. He kissed his way down my body until he reached my clit. Then, he stuck a finger inside my pussy as he licked it. Trystan started sucking Husband's cock while he ate my pussy. Husband started to fuck Trystan's mouth slowly and rhythmically and I felt his moans on my clit. I moaned out in response. It felt so fucking good. Trystan then came back up and started making out with me once again. That brought me very close to orgasm. I think Husband realized that, so he fucked me harder with his fingers. My pussy gushed all over his hand and I had an amazing orgasm. Mmmm.

Husband climbed back on top of Trystan and started making out with him once more. I knew Trystan was tasting my pussy juices on his lips and that thought excited me so much that it gave me goosebumps. Husband grabbed a condom and put it on Trystan's cock, then led him over to me. Trystan climbed on top of me and Husband knelt behind him, grabbed his cock and shoved it into my pussy. I loved the feeling of being full of his cock and it was even hotter that Husband put it in there. Husband kissed and caressed Trystan's back as he fucked me. Then, he held him close and began to kiss his neck and push him into me with some pelvic thrusts. I watched the look of pleasure on Trystan's face and it was amazing. Last time he fucked me, it was in the doggy-style position, so I didn't get to see his face at all. Trystan asked Husband if he wanted to trade places, so they did. Husband shoved his cock into my pussy and fucked me while he gave Trystan a hand job. Suddenly he stopped, told Trystan to stand up next to him and then sucked his cock as he continued to fuck me. I couldn't believe that was happening. I was loving every moment of it. I rubbed my clit with my fingers until I orgasmed. Husband ordered me to take my bra off and then told Trystan to kneel down next to me and cum on my tits. Husband fucked me even harder as Trystan jerked off right above me. Husband's cock hit my G-spot and I started to moan. Husband and Trystan started to moan as well and then all three of us orgasmed at the same time. It was so amazingly hot. Husband came inside my pussy and Trystan came all over my tits, which Husband then proceeded to lick off. I loved watching that. It was so hot.

The other day, Husband and I were talking about how unlikely it is for two people to cum at the same time. We cum together all the time. In fact, we cum together almost every time we have sex. How awesome is that? We are surely lucky to be able to do that. And now, all three of us came at the same time! How many people can say that they've done that? If you have, I want to hear about it! I hope this is something we can do again in the future because that was definitely my favorite part of the whole night.

Monday, October 22, 2012

My first foursome experience

On Saturday night, my whole poly family (Husband, Trystan, Kirsten and myself) went to see a Halloween burlesque/drag strip show together. It was really wonderful to have all of us together. The show was great and lots of boobies were seen. Earlier in the night, Husband, Trystan and I went to dinner together as well. Trystan was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow for the show and when we were leaving, he told me that he was planning to give us a strip show when we got back to his place (something that I had requested of him a while back). I spent the rest of the night looking forward to it. He looks so hot as a pirate. Though, I have to admit that I still prefer him nude.

Now, back to the show. I got to see my favorite burlesque dancer perform. That made me very happy because she took a couple months off from performing and I had really missed seeing her boobs dance. Anyway, I spent the whole intermission making out with Kirsten, which was awesome. Her lips are so amazing and yummy. Husband took a picture of us while we were making out and it's actually really hot. I keep looking at it and then closing my eyes and fantasizing about her. At one point, she was also running her hand up and down my leg, which was really turning me on.

When the show started back up, someone danced to the song Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson. This is significant because ever since I first heard that song when I was 13 years old, it has turned me on. And not turned on to the point of just thinking about sex. I'm talking about turned on so much that I may start to hump random people/objects. I actually lost my virginity while listening to that song. So, you can imagine how I was feeling at that point. If I wasn't already turned on before that, then I sure as hell was then. I was so ready to leave at that point. But there were so many more boobies to see and I do so love boobies.

So, we finished the show and then all four of us walked back to our cars hand-in-hand. Husband and I had already planned on going back to Trystan's house and sleeping over there for the night. Kirsten decided that she wanted to join us, which was a pleasant surprise. When we got to Trystan's house, I reminded him that he owed us a strip show. No, I definitely didn't forget about that! Husband and I sat on the bed and watched him strip. After he was done, Trystan climbed on top of Husband and started making out with him. I talked Husband into stripping as well, but there wasn't much dancing involved, since he doesn't dance. Then, I even got a strip show from Kirsten as well! That was my favorite part for sure.

Kirsten joined us in the bed and removed my clothes. Husband and Trystan were in bed next to us making out and sexing it up, but I wasn't paying much attention to what they were doing. Kirsten and I made out for a while and then she went down on me. I felt her licking and sucking on my clit and it felt so good. I closed my eyes and focused on breathing. She climbed on top of me and started to rub my clit with her fingers. I put my hand on her face, guided her lips toward mine and started making out with her again. I could taste my pussy juices on her lips and it turned me on even more. Every time my tongue touched hers, I thought about how that tongue was just on my clit. Mmmm. I heard Trystan breathing heavy and start to moan. I snapped back to reality and realized that the boys were still going at it next to us. My clit started to tingle and I listened to them closely as Kirsten kept rubbing my clit. I heard Trystan moaning and I knew he was cumming. That sent me over the edge. I orgasmed as well and it was amazing.

I took a moment to recover because my brain was all mush at that point, then I kissed Kirsten again. I ran my hands all over her soft skin and slowly made my way down to her lady bits. I cupped it in my hand and felt the warmness coming off of her. I couldn't wait to stick my fingers between her lips and feel the wetness contained inside. I rubbed it a bit and then opened her lips so that my finger could find her clit. I rubbed her clit, slowly at first. I watched her face and enjoyed the look of pleasure that was showing all over it. I rubbed it faster and she started breathing heavy. My clit responded by starting to throb. I put my face against her chest and listened to her breathing. I held my breath and waited for her to cum. She started to moan and my clit screamed out at me. I squeezed my legs together and focused on the sound of the sweet moans coming out of her mouth. I love the noises she makes when she cums.

I laid there next to Kirsten, holding her. Husband was laying right behind me and I could feel his cock against my ass. I knew he hadn't cum yet. I asked him if he wanted to and he said yes. So, he climbed on top of me and started fucking me. He put my feet up on his chest and raised my ass up so that he would hit my G-spot. As he fucked me, Kirsten started to suck on my right nipple. I moaned and then Husband started sucking on my left nipple at the same time. Trystan scooted over and started touching me as well and my mind was blown. It felt so amazing to have all three of them trying to please me. Husband sat up on his knees and I started to rub my clit as he continued to fuck me. I wrapped my legs around him tightly and flexed my pelvic muscles, making my pussy tighter. He started to fuck me harder, knowing that I was close to cumming. My G-spot and clit exploded in orgasmic pleasure at the same time. I pulled him down on me, put my hands in his hair, pulled it and said "I want you to cum so bad." He said he wanted me from behind, so I flipped over and got in the doggy-style position. Husband shoved his cock into my pussy again and Trystan knelt beside him, put his hands on Husband's ass and helped push him into me. Then, Trystan went behind him and started to push him into me with a pelvic thrust into Husband's ass. I was being fucked hard from behind as Kirsten watched, which I thought was very hot. I felt Husband hit my G-spot and I started to moan. Soon, he was cumming, shooting his hot load into my pussy. After that, we all collapsed on the bed and fell asleep together.

I have to say, when Husband and I first talked about him having a boyfriend and myself having a girlfriend, I never thought that there would ever be any foursome sexual activity at all. I feel extremely lucky that we happened to find two really great people that are so honest and open about things. My sex life is so great right now. Greater than I ever thought possible. We are all happy and things are wonderful. A lot of people frown upon our lifestyle choice, but this is proof that it actually works. Ah, happiness.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Please fuck the ass

So, Trystan finally put his cock in my pussy on Sunday night. That was something that I didn't think would ever actually happen, so I was pleasantly surprised. It was great and I loved cumming with him inside me. He says he enjoyed it too, so hopefully more of that is to come. All of the threesomes that Husband and I have been having with Trystan lately have been wonderful. That being said, I do really enjoy the one-on-one time with Husband as well. Sometimes it's nice to relax and focus on just one person. Last night was the first time in a while that Husband took the time to really focus on my body and it was lovely.

I laid down on my back in bed and Husband started to kiss the top of my right foot. He continued to slowly kiss and lick up my leg to my knee, then he lingered there. Mmmm. One of my most sensitive spots. He ran his fingers lightly over my lower leg as he licked and kissed up my thigh. I moaned in pleasure. When he reached my hip, he repeated everything on my left leg. By the time he made it up to my other hip, I was completely relaxed, yet so very turned on. He continued to kiss and lick all over my stomach, my breasts, and down both of my arms. Then, he turned me over and repeated everything on the other side of my body. I am pretty sure I was in a deep trance at that point. It felt so amazing to have his fingers running over my skin softly at the same time as his mouth.

When he was done, Husband grabbed my hands and cuffed them behind my back. Then, he put his face in my crotch and started to lick my pussy. I stuck my ass up in the air, spread my legs and moaned in pleasure. He began to stimulate my ass as well. I was still very relaxed and it felt really good. He uncuffed me and rolled me over. I pulled him on top of me and he kissed my breasts a little more. I was so wet and I wanted him inside me. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer. He slid easily into my pussy. After a couple minutes of thrusting, I realized that my pussy wasn't the hole that I wanted him in. I pushed him out of me and told him that I wanted his cock in my ass. I watched his face as I said it and I saw pure pleasure. He grabbed his cock and started to slide it into my ass, using my pussy juices as lube. I rubbed my clit with my fingers as he slowly entered my ass and the pleasure was so great that I just couldn't hold back my orgasm. I came before he was even all the way in. He fucked me softly at first. I focused on the feeling of his cock going in and out of my ass. I began to rub my clit with my fingers once more. I wrapped my legs around his hips, using my feet to push him inside me. I pushed him harder and harder until I felt I was getting close to cumming again. I said, "I'm gonna cum. Do you want to cum with me?" He let out a moan and said "Yes!" He fucked me harder and faster until we both came together. It was amazing.

That was the first time that I actually requested to be fucked in the ass. Usually it has just been his thing. Something that he really loves doing. But this time, I was shocked that I wanted it so badly. I think the fact that he relaxed me so much and then stimulated my ass just made it all feel so much better than usual. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Deep Throat That Cock

Trystan stayed over last night. It's always a great time when he does. I know he is Husband's boyfriend, but I can't help but find myself more and more attracted to him every time we hang out. Not only does his personality rock, but he encompasses so many of my fetishes that it is quite mind-boggling. In my last blog post, I wrote about how I wished I had gotten naked before going down on him. So, last night, I did just that. Husband and Trystan were already naked in bed for a while, then they convinced me to get naked as well. I may pretend that I don't want to sometimes, but honestly, they don't have to try hard to convince me. But when they do, it makes me feel wanted and I love it. It was so dark in the room that I couldn't always tell whose body I was touching or who was touching me. It was very exciting.

Trystan and I were focusing on Husband, who was laying between us. Touching his body all over, kissing him and making him squirm. I licked and sucked on his nipple, then continued to lick my way down to his cock. I flicked my tongue over the head and then slowly licked down his shaft, sucking on the sides occasionally as well. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it hard. My head flew back and I moaned. He then forced my head down on his cock. I took it in my mouth and he continued to push my head down hard, making me deep-throat his meat. I couldn't help but moan through it. I know most girls don't enjoy when guys put a hand on the back of their head and push it down, but I love it. It was so fucking hot. Husband eventually let go, but I continued to suck his cock for a while.

When I stopped, Husband climbed on top of Trystan and began making out with him again. I touched both of their bodies and listened to the sounds that their mouths were making. The lip smacking and the moans were enough to drive me crazy. Husband grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to them. I have zero night vision, so I very carefully scooted closer until my body was against theirs. Husband placed my hand on Trystan's cock and I began to stroke it softly. Trystan started to caress my back with his hand and it felt so good. His hands are very soft and smooth. Suddenly, I felt Husband's hand on the back of my head once again. He pushed my head down onto Trystan's cock. We both licked and sucked Trystan's cock together, while also kissing occasionally. Husband moved away and pushed my head down hard onto Trystan's cock. I felt it go deep into my throat and he moaned. It excited me so much. I used my hand to stroke his cock in motion with my mouth. Husband laid on top of Trystan and made out with him while I continued to suck his cock. I shoved it deep into my throat over and over again until he finally came in my mouth. I swallowed all of it and then licked off the little bit that was left on his cock. Mmmm. There are no words to describe my excitement. I had been thinking about him cumming in my mouth for a while and I was so happy that it finally happened.

I laid down next to them again and relaxed. Then, they took me by surprise by coming over to me and touching my body. Trystan touched my chest and my breath caught in my throat. He grabbed my breast and massaged it while Husband started to rub my clit. Their hands were all over my body and it got to the point where there was so much pleasure that I couldn't tell whose hands were touching where. I just got lost in the feeling and enjoyed it. Trystan was so close to my ear, breathing hard and moaning. I felt myself getting close to cumming. I started to touch Husband's body and I felt Trystan's hand. I touched his fingers and it excited me. Yes, I have a hand/finger fetish and his are fantastic. I ran my fingers across his fingers and then I started to cum. I am sure I grabbed his hand while I was cumming. My mind was so foggy after that. I couldn't even form words very well.

I am so happy that this threesome thing is finally working out for us. We've been trying for so long and it has always been a disaster. I can't think of a better guy to be having these threesomes with either. Trystan is amazing in so many ways and I am so glad to have him in our life. Husband has great taste in men and women. Haha. Every time we get together, we push things a little further and try something new. It's so exciting. It makes me glad that we've been taking things slow so that we can experience things and appreciate them like they should be. Most of all, I am so happy that Trystan is so open to trying new things. I am a very lucky woman.