Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sinful Sunday: Red Light

Husband recently took this photo while I was swimming in a friend's pool after dark. I love how artsy it looks.

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Sinful Sunday

Monday, July 15, 2019

Kink of the Week: Knife Play

Knife play. It sounds scary but what exactly is it?

Knife play is a kink in which knives are used as edgeplay tools. Edgeplay is when a Top takes the Bottom to the very edge of their psychological limits. So, essentially, knife play is used by the Top to push the Bottom to the edge of what they can handle by either cutting, scratching, or instilling fear.

When I first found out what knife play was, I was absolutely against it but not because I was feeling judgy and thought it was wrong. I had a serious self-harm problem from the time that I was seven years old until my mid-twenties. I have it under control now, but the thought of possibly going back down that road was very scary to me. After watching knife play scenes at play parties and reading stories written about experiences that others have had, I've realized that I'm very turned on by the thought of having it done to me and I don't think that it would trigger me in that way.

I've always been intrigued by the dark things in life. The more twisted and creepy something is, the more I'm into it. I'm a goth girl who decorates her house with bats, spiders, and other creepy things year-round. I read books about serial killers and watch murder documentaries. I very much enjoy watching rape and torture scenes in movies. So, I'm not surprised at all about the fact that knife play turns me on so much.
(Note: I am very much against murder, sexual assault, and torture in real life. It's all just fantasies in my head and I promise that I'm not a horrible person.)

I'm going to break down a few elements that I like about knife play.

One thing that really turns me on about knife play is the sensation that it would create. I am a huge sensation whore. I love being touched and I want to feel all the things on my body. Sensation play is the only thing that has ever gotten me to subspace and I love it so much. It is my most favorite scene to have. I want to feel the end of the knife poke me. I want to feel the cold metal against my skin. I want to feel it scratching me. I might even like feeling it cut me. Thinking about it is giving me goosebumps.

The marks left behind are another thing that excites me about knife play. Scratches, welts, and cuts are all possibilities of marks left behind after a knifeplay scene. Imagining myself running my hand over the welts left on my body from a knife leaves me breathless. The knife could be used to draw a picture, like a heart or a star. It could even be used to write words or draw lines in a pattern. I would love any and all of those things. Marks left on my body are always very exciting for me.

Though I've had a fascination with vampires since my teenage years, I'm not a fan of drinking blood. I don't enjoy that copper taste at all. I am very excited by the thought of being covered in blood though. So, the potential for blood play is another thing that excites me about knife play. Being covered in blood, rubbing it all over my body, having dirty words written on my body with it, watching it flow down the drain as I wash it off. Fuck, that turns me on so much. I've also been thinking about buying a vampire paddle for this purpose. A vampire paddle is a stiff leather or wooden paddle that has sharp metal pins that stick out 2-3 millimeters, just long enough to prick your skin and make you bleed. The idea is that as you are being spanked, the pins are also poking through your skin to give extra sensation. I have never used one but I love the idea of having it used on me!

The idea of the knife being used to cut clothing off of my body sends shivers down my spine. That is so fucking hot. I'm imagining Husband being so turned on by me that he just can't take it anymore. He needs to be inside me right now. So, he cuts my panties off with a knife and then shoves his cock into my pussy. Oh, fuck! Yes! Or, maybe he would use it to cut off my clothing in a consensual non-consent scene.

Consensual non-consent is a huge turn-on for me. I've fantasized a lot about using knife play in those scenes. I know that extreme care would have to be taken in order to be completely safe but I know it would really get me off. The idea of someone threatening to do awful things to me if I don't do as they say feels equally terrifying, intense, and exciting. I can feel myself getting wet at this thought.

The mind fuck of knife play is very intriguing to me. How do I know if a knife is sharp or dull? How can I be sure if the sharp or dull side is scraping across my skin if I can't see it? What if I flinch and he cuts off my nipple? What if he accidentally hurts me? The element of fear is very real when doing a knife play scene. I know that I'm safe and that he wouldn't hurt me but the knowledge that he could hurt me if he wanted to is enough to make me feel terrified. I imagine that it's a constant fight to reassure your brain that you will be okay. It very well could be too much for me when all is said and done but I'll never know unless I try it.

I have always loved knives. They are scary and sexy all at the same time. We even own a large collection of knives (way more than is pictured above), however, we have never used them in a scene. I've mentioned quite a few times that I want to try knife play but Husband and I have yet to do it. We have gone to a class to learn more about how to do it but I don't think Husband is feeling confident enough to try it yet. Honestly, I'm not sure what is holding him back. Probably the fear of hurting me. I've just given him space to figure it out and tried not to push for it. Now that I've written all of this, I think I should make a point to bring it up again. Hopefully, we can try it soon and I can write an update about how I feel about it.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sinful Sunday: Grab a Handful

I don't often post full body shots. I'm usually too hung up on picking apart my flaws. I'm trying really hard to love my body and to stop being so hard on myself.

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Sinful Sunday

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Kilted Eye Candy

The Sinful Sunday prompt for July is One Shot Two Ways. For this prompt, I decided to shoot one subject in two poses.

I had been thinking about doing a photo shoot of Husband in his kilt and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

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Sinful Sunday

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

TMI Tuesday: July 2, 2019

Hello my sexies! Let’s get it on with TMI Tuesday.

1. What excites you beyond belief?
Hands. I have a hand fetish and nothing excites me like a beautiful pair of hands. Soft skin, long fingers, well manicured fingernails. Yes!!! Stick them inside me, please!

2. Your significant other has asked you to sleep with his cock in your mouth, what are your first thoughts? Would you say yes or no? Why?
Umm, is this a thing? It doesn't sound safe. What if I grind my teeth? What if my nose gets stuffy and I need to breathe through my mouth? I think that's going on the list of hard limits. I love having a cock in my mouth but that just seems too risky...for both of us.

3. Have you ever had someone sleep with your cock in their mouth?
No. I've also never slept with someone else's cock in my mouth. I have slept with a cock in my pussy though.

4. Fill in the blank: Spank _____ .
Spank my ass, please. It's been a while.

5. Write a sexy sentence (or two) and use the phrase ‘harness of rope’.
He tied a harness of rope around her chest. She loved the security that she felt under the rope. Then, he bound her hands behind her back. She felt helpless and secure all at once. He looked her in the eyes and said, "That's my good girl." She melted instantly upon hearing those words.

Bonus: Who do you laugh and play with more often– your friends or your significant other?
My significant other. I don't really have many friends.

1. What excites you beyond belief?
When Wife tells me to do things to her. When I go down on Wife and she grabs my head and holds me tight against her when she is close to orgasm. When Wife trails her fingers along my body. When Wife rides on top of me or when she puts her ass in my face. When Wife licks and sucks and nips at my neck.

2. Your significant other has asked you to sleep with his cock in your mouth, what are your first thoughts? Would you say yes or no? Why?
First thoughts would be curiosity about the whole thing, because it isn't something that ever occurred to me to try. I'd likely say no because I grind my teeth in my sleep and that might be a dangerous sleeping situation for them.

3. Have you ever had someone sleep with your cock in their mouth?
Nope. Not something on my wishlist of things I'd like to have happen.

4. Fill in the blank: Spank _____ .
Spank it, spank it real good.

5. Write a sexy sentence (or two) and use the phrase ‘harness of rope’.
At the last play party Wife and I attended there was a couple doing rope play and were working up to do a suspension. It got me thinking about how it would play out for Wife and I to be working rope in our hopeful future basement. Where I would be able to wrap her up in a harness of rope and lift her off the ground bound tightly in security and my love.

Bonus: Who do you laugh and play with more often– your friends or your significant other?
More with Wife than friends, and the reasoning is more or less simply because I don't spend very much time with my friends with most of them being in other states. That doesn't mean that I would rather laugh and play with my friends over Wife, because I love that time with her. If we include my workmates, then it fluctuates depending on how much extra time I am stuck at work.


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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sinful Sunday: Waiting For You

Sorry I've been MIA. I haven't been feeling super sexy lately. I wanted to post something special for Pride Month but I never got around to it. So, here's a picture from my anniversary last month.

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Sinful Sunday

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sinful Sunday: Happy Anniversary

Thursday was our anniversary. We have been married for 11 years. To celebrate, we got a hotel room for the night. We took some sexy pictures while we were there.

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Sinful Sunday