Friday, August 17, 2012

Lesbian love story

This is just something that has been floating around in my head. It didn't actually happen, but it sure would be nice if it did. I decided to write it out so that other people may enjoy it as well.

Emma and Alexis have been good friends since they were kids. When they grew up and moved out, it only made sense that they would become roommates.  They spend most of their free time together, which is usually filled with a lot of girly giggles. Many nights have been spent staying up late watching movies and eating ice cream. Neither of them had a boyfriend, but it wasn't something they really cared much about. They were content just being free and having fun.

The girls had been looking forward to this night all week. Things had been pretty stressful for Alexis lately, so Emma decided that it was a good idea to cuddle up on the couch and watch their favorite chick flick. Alexis put the movie on and got comfortable on the couch. Emma went to get a blanket and then sat next to Alexis on the couch. They shared a blanket and watched the movie in silence. About an hour into the movie, Emma scooted closer to Alexis and laid her head on her shoulder. They had cuddled like this before, but somehow it just felt different this time. Alexis started to feel warm inside. That was better than all the anxiety she had been feeling all week. She tried to focus on the movie, but her mind was elsewhere. She wrapped her arm around Emma and held her. At that moment, Alexis felt Emma place her hand gently on her thigh. Alexis took a deep breath. It seemed very innocent, but it still made Alexis feel warm in other places. Paying attention to the movie was now a lost cause.

Alexis closed her eyes and focused on the warmth coming from Emma's hand. She was confused. So many questions started running through her mind. "Why does this feel different? I have never been attracted to a girl before, so why now? Have I just been suppressing my feelings all these years? Why do I have the urge to stick my tongue in my best friend's mouth? Should I act on this or pretend it's not happening?" The thoughts kept swirling around in her head until finally she took a deep breath and reached out to touch Emma's hand. She ran her hand up and down Emma's arm very softly. She heard a tiny moan come from Emma's mouth. Alexis thought, "Does this mean she likes it? Does she like it in THAT way? How can I know for sure?"

Alexis grew scared that she may be crossing a line, so she stopped touching Emma's arm. She didn't want to ruin their friendship by doing something that she didn't quite understand. As soon as Alexis stopped, she felt Emma slowly caress her thigh, moving her hand further up her leg. Alexis felt her whole body start to tingle, and then she blurted out, "Emma..." Startled, Emma jumped slightly and pulled her hand away. She looked up at Alexis and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Please forgive me." Alexis put her hand on Emma's soft cheek and said, "Please don't stop." Then, she kissed Emma on the lips. Softly at first, and then more passionately.

Alexis pulled Emma on top of her, neither of them aware that the movie was still playing in the background. Alexis wrapped her arms around Emma's waist and lifted her shirt just enough so that a single finger could touch the soft skin of her back. They were so turned on that the heat coming off of their bodies was too much to handle under the blanket. Emma tossed the blanket onto the floor and they continued to make out. Being teased by the tiny bit of skin she could reach on Emma's back, Alexis decided to remove Emma's shirt. To her surprise, she realized that Emma wasn't wearing a bra. Upon seeing her naked skin, Alexis got caught up and had to catch her breath. She was struck with an urge to run her hands over all of the sweet curves of her body.

With Emma sitting in her lap now, Alexis reached out and touched her collar bone softly. She slowly ran her hand down and around the outside of Emma's breast. Emma moaned softly and closed her eyes. Alexis continued to delicately run her hand down Emma's side and then stopped at her hip. She pulled Emma closer to her, kissed her neck right under her ear lobe and then continued to kiss a trail down to her collarbone. Emma found it hard to contain herself. She dug her nails into Alexis's shoulder and moaned again. Alexis started to massage Emma's breast softly and then licked her nipple very gently. When her nipple became stiff, Alexis put it in her mouth and sucked on it. Emma started to grind on Alexis's leg, which excited her more. Alexis pushed Emma down on the couch and removed her shorts. Alexis began to kiss Emma again, then ran her hand slowly down her stomach. When she reached her panties, Alexis moved her hand down a little bit further. She gently touched Emma's pussy through her panties and realized that they were very wet. Emma arched her back, looking as if she was begging Alexis to take her panties off. So, she did just that.

Alexis grabbed Emma's leg and rested it on her shoulder. She then licked a line from Emma's knee, down her thigh, and then down to her wet pussy. She looked up at Emma, who looked almost drunk from so much pleasure. Alexis licked one pussy lip from the bottom to the top, then repeated it on the other side. She teased Emma, making her writhe in pleasure. Emma put her hand on the back of Alexis's head and begged her, "Please...please make me cum" Alexis gently parted the lips of Emma's pussy and began to delicately lick her clit. When she heard Emma begin to moan out, she felt her own clit get very tingly. She wanted to touch herself, but she tried to focus on pleasing Emma instead. She had never thought about doing that to a woman before, but she found that she loved the taste. She loved everything about it. Alexis carefully stuck one of her fingers inside Emma's pussy and massaged her G-spot as she continued to lick her clit. Soon, Emma was cumming so hard that even Alexis's brain felt fuzzy.

After a quick recovery, Emma sat up and kissed Alexis passionately. She loved tasting her own pussy juices on Alexis's lips. Emma said, "You were amazing, now let me try." Then, she quickly removed Alexis's clothes. Emma was too fired up to even consider teasing Alexis, so she got right to it. She parted her pussy lips and started to lick her clit. Alexis reached up and grabbed hold of the couch cushion. She thought she was going to lose it. She couldn't believe how good it felt to have Emma's tongue licking her sweet spot. She moaned out Emma's name and rocked her hips in a circular motion. She felt her face flush and then suddenly her whole body started convulsing in orgasmic pleasure. Alexis moaned loudly and gently pulled Emma's hair. When it was over, Alexis said, "That was the best sex I've ever had in my life." Emma giggled and responded with, "I know, I've been wanting to do that with you for so long. You tasted even better than I had imagined you would." Emma laid next to Alexis on the couch, silently hoping that there would be many more nights like this to come. She kissed Alexis one last time and then they fell asleep while holding each other.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Amateur porn stars?

On Saturday night, Husband and I went out to a burlesque/drag show called Last Saturday Strip. It's a monthly event that I very much enjoy attending. Husband has recently become interested in it as well. I'm not sure what he enjoys more; the show on stage or seeing me getting so turned on from all the boobies flopping around. I can't seem to keep my hands off of him while we are watching the show. We were sitting next to each other on bar stools and he was wearing a very tight pair of pants without boxers. I couldn't stop staring at his crotch. Even though it was soft, the outline of his cock was unmistakable. I started rubbing his leg with my hand, slowly moving up to his crotch, massaging his cock with an innocent look on my face. I saw people around us watching and it excited me. A couple times, he slid his hand under my skirt and up my thigh so that he could feel how wet my pussy was. It was definitely wet down there. Between those hot burlesque girls, my sexy husband and the sexting that was going on between Jacob and I that night, I was definitely ready to be fucked.

After the show (which was great by the way), I stood up next to Husband and pressed my body against his. I leaned in and kissed his lips, then laid my head on his shoulder. I lightly kissed his neck and breathed in his scent while lightly circling my nose around his neck. I could feel him tense up and it excited me more. I softly licked up to his ear and then bit his neck hard. I could tell he was surprised and very turned on. He grabbed my ass and said "Alright, it's time to go home". So, off we went.

When we got to the car, I unlocked the door and then stood there thinking for a moment. Usually I am the one that drives everywhere, but I had a fantasy swirling around my head that I really wanted to make reality. So, I walked over to the other side of the car and handed the keys to Husband. He was slightly confused but just went with it. After we got on the highway, I looked at him with a mischievous smile and then glanced down at his crotch. I could see that his cock was hard and looking like it was about to bulge right out of those tight pants. He asked what I was looking at and I said, "I'm just checking out your package." He said, "Yeah, that package needs to be adjusted." I giggled a little and said, "Well, let me help you with that." I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. I played with it for a few seconds with my hand, then bent down in his lap and proceeded to give him some road head. I licked the head of his penis, teasing him. Then, I licked from the bottom of his shaft all the way up to the head and then stuck it deep into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock for a while until we were almost home. His pants were so tight that it made it pretty difficult (not to mention the steering wheel being in the way) but I think I managed pretty well. It had been years since I had last done that. It was quite exciting.

After I finished, Husband said he wanted to play too. So, he put his hand up my skirt. He ran his hand up the inside of my thigh and then rubbed my crotch on top of my panties and fishnet pantyhose. He said, "Damn, you really are wet." He enjoyed himself for a while and then made it known that next time I was to go without panties when I wore a skirt. I'm sure that will make things much more interesting next time we go out. Especially if I wear my crotchless fishnets as well. Last time I did that, I came home from a burlesque show, jumped on top of Husband and rode his cock while he was sitting on the couch. Mmmm. That was so hot.

When we got home, we barely made it inside before Husband grabbed me, pushed me up against the door and started making out with me. It made me weak in the knees. If I wasn't wet before, I sure was then. He turned me around, bent me over, lifted my skirt up, pulled my fishnets and panties down, then shoved his cock deep inside my pussy. He fucked me very hard while I grabbed my ankles for support. My pussy was so wet that I could hear juices squirting out with every thrust. I loved the thought that someone may be right outside our door listening to us fucking. He started to slow down and I began to feel lightheaded, so I stood up and stuck my ass out. Husband pushed me up against the door again and wrapped his arm around me, massaging my breast as he continued to fuck me. I thought about the possibility of someone standing outside listening to us. If there was someone out there, I'm sure they enjoyed the sound of our moans and the sound of me being fucked up against the door. I know I would love to hear something like that.

At this point, I really had to pee. So, I asked Husband to give me a minute to take care of that, but he followed me to the bathroom. After I finished peeing, he grabbed me and kissed me passionately. My knees started to feel weak again, then suddenly I was being bent over the sink. He rammed his cock into my pussy and started fucking me again. I noticed a light shining in the mirror and then realized that he was taking a video with his phone. For a second, I felt somewhat self conscious about it, but then I started thinking about how awesome it will be to watch it later and see things from his view. That's something that I never get the chance to see. I think taking the video excited him, too. He started moaning like he may cum soon, so I said, "You better not cum yet because I want to suck your cock again."

He fucked me for a couple more minutes and then stopped so he could pee. I went to the bedroom and considered taking my boots, fishnets and panties off. But it just felt so hot keeping them on, so I just bent over the bed and waited for him to come ravage me again. When he walked into the bedroom and saw me waiting there for him, he spanked my ass hard. Every time his hand met my bare ass, a small moan escaped my mouth. I wanted him inside me so badly and he knew it. He started to slide his cock into my pussy...slowly...teasing me...then he rammed it in hard. He took some pictures with his phone as he fucked me.

When he got to the point where he was about to cum, he stopped and laid down on the bed. He told me to suck his cock, so I did. I tasted my juices all over his cock and imagined that it was the juices of another woman's pussy. The thought of watching Husband fuck another woman and then sucking those juices off of his cock has been something that I've fantasized about for a long time. As I gave him a blow job, Husband took more pictures of me with his cock in my mouth.

I asked him if he wanted to cum or wanted to fuck me again. He said he wanted to fuck me more, so I laid down on my back and he climbed on top of me. He picked my legs up and held them up on his shoulders, then he entered me again. I still had my boots on and it made me feel very powerful. I started to raise my ass a bit so that his cock would hit my G-spot, then he pushed my legs toward my chest and started fucking me very hard. I reached down and started to rub my clit. I tightened the muscles in my pussy and looked into his eyes. I saw the pleasure on his face and it made me cum.

As I was recovering from my orgasm, Husband climbed up on the bed next to my head. He told me to suck his cock again. I opened my mouth and he started to fuck it. It turned me on but at the same time, my mouth was aching so much from all of the cock sucking that took place that night. He started to finger me as he fucked my mouth. I was trying to concentrate on the pleasure instead of the pain in my mouth, but eventually I had to make him stop. He said he was happy to fuck me again. So, he did. He climbed on top of me once more and fucked me very hard until we orgasmed together. The look on his face when he came was incredible. After so many hours of being turned on, I'm sure that release felt amazing. Thinking about that look on his face now makes me want to have sex again. Oh yeah, I always want to have sex. Haha.

I'm still trying to decide if I should eventually add pictures to this blog or not. It is definitely a possibility but I need to think about it some more. If I decide to do it, then some of the pictures that were taken on Saturday night may be posted. The thought kind of excites me. I do love sharing the details of my sex life with all of my readers. I'm sure I would love sharing pictures as well.