Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday sex for him - Trying out this dominant thing

I had to delay Husband's birthday sex because of girl problems. Not that my husband isn't man enough to still fuck me during that time, because he's not bothered by it at all, but it just wouldn't have worked well with what I had planned. Saturday just happened to be the night that I chose to make it up to him.

We spent the night out with friends having a great time. I kept going over exactly what I was going to do to him in my head. Over and over. Getting more turned on with every hour that passed. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I told him we needed to head home because we had an early morning, which we did. That just wasn't the only reason I wanted to leave.

Upon arriving home, we made our way to the bedroom and Husband removed his pants and boxers. I stopped to admire him a bit. I love when he walks around in nothing but a t-shirt. Mmmm. Wait, isn't that something guys are supposed to like watching their girlfriends do? I then pushed him down onto the bed in a sitting position. I removed his shirt and then kissed him. A long passionate kiss. Then, I grabbed hold of his hair, hard, and pushed his face into my tits. He breathed in my scent and let out a moan. I kissed him again and then ordered him to lay face down on the bed. He definitely wasn't expecting what came next. I picked up one of the sets of handcuffs that are attached to the bed and looked into his eyes. I gave him a mischievous look and saw his eyes widen. I locked his left hand in place and said, "Do you like that?" He could barely mutter the words, "Oh yes." I climbed on top of him, reached the set of handcuffs on the opposite side of the bed and restrained his right hand. He tugged at them, testing out his ability to get out of them. There was no chance of that though. This was Husband's first experience being the one cuffed to the bed and I could tell he was loving every second of it. I have to admit, so was I.

I got down off of the bed and walked over to where he could see me. I turned around, facing my ass towards him. I removed my t-shirt but kept the long-sleeve fishnet shirt that was underneath it on. I looked back to make sure he was watching and then shimmied my way out of my pants, making sure to bend over in an exaggerated way so that he could enjoy the view of my ass through the sheer mesh of my panties. I turned around to see his reaction. I could almost swear I saw him drooling a little bit. I wanted him so bad right then, but I had business to take care of first.

I climbed on top of him again, making sure to drag my tits over his body as I moved my mouth up to his neck. I gave a good hard pelvic thrust right onto his ass. He moaned out and I felt my clit tingle. I kissed and licked the back of his neck, while also breathing in his scent. He smelled so good that my eyes rolled back into my head for a moment. - Focus. Back to the task at hand. - I licked my way down his spine, making sure to breathe on the spots that I just licked. He loves when I do that. By this time, he was squirming like crazy. I started to regret not tying down his legs as well. I continued to lick his back, moving to his side right above his hip, one of his most sensitive areas. Then, I moved down to his left ass cheek. I continued to lick it until I reached the center of the cheek where it was very juicy, then I bit it hard. He moaned out again. I felt my pussy get very wet with that one. God, I wanted him so badly.

I touched and caressed all over his body. Arms, back, legs and ass. Then just as he really started to relax, I gave his ass a good smack. He flinched, not expecting that. Another first for him. Usually he is the one doing the spanking. I asked him if he liked it. I heard a very quiet and breathless "yes" come from his mouth. I spanked him again. First the right cheek and then the left. After a few more smacks, I decided I needed something other than my hand. So, I went and got the "spank stick". I knelt down next to the bed and gave my thigh a few swats, just to test it out. Hearing the smack on my skin excited me, so I smacked my ass a few times with it as well. It was time to try it out on Husband. I smacked his ass softly at first, just to warm him up a little. When I didn't hear any complaints, I smacked him harder. He moaned out as the wood stung his ass. I spanked him a few more times and then decided to try out one of the whips. I chose the small one first, but after giving it a few tries, I decided I didn't like it much. Instead, I used the feather on the other end of it. I softly ran the feather over his bare ass. Then, I ran it over the rest of his body. Up one side of his back, across the back of his neck, down the other side of his back, up his side, lingering at his armpit, down his arm, then over to the other arm, down the other side, down to his legs, lingering at the backs of his knees, then down to his feet. He was loving it, moaning out as I touched his sensitive spots. I tried using it on his balls and not surprisingly, found out he really liked that too. I stopped and smacked him two more times with the small whip and then grabbed the larger one. This one was made for me by Shawn about a year ago. He made it very well, by the way. It stings so good. Mmmm. I smacked my arm with it a few times as I walked back over to the bed. I loved it so much that I decided to smack my thigh a few times as well. I could tell Husband was waiting in anticipation. I drew my hand back and let the whip fly toward his bare ass and took in all the moans that were escaping his mouth as I repeated the swats. I think I found my new favorite toy. Hehe. I climbed onto the bed and caressed his body some more, then I cupped his balls and massaged them a little. He raised his ass in response, so I started stroking his cock as well. I felt all the cum that had been leaking out of his cock while I teased him and it made me want him more.

I laid on top of him again and gave him a few more pelvic thrusts to the ass. He was so turned on that I could feel the heat coming off of his body. I kissed his neck a bit and then moved down his body while licking his back. I straddled his thigh and spread my legs, resting my very wet crotch on his soft skin. I began to rub my crotch up and down his leg. It felt so good that I was tempted to put my hand down my panties and rub my clit at the same time. I resisted the urge and just kept rubbing my wetness all over him. He raised his lower leg up to caress my back with his foot. Yes, I definitely should have restrained his legs as well. I pushed his leg back down and then started scratching his back with my nails. I scratched from his shoulders down to the very bottom of his ass. He was writhing and moaning beneath me. Fuck. I started to lose control and almost uncuffed him. - No. I must continue with the torture. - Though, I wasn't sure who was being tortured more.

Husband kept sticking his ass in the air as if he was begging me to shove something in it. I took the hint and grabbed a pink anal toy from the night stand. I lubed it up and then slowly inserted the beaded end into his ass. He moaned loudly with the passing of each bead into his sphincter. I let the toy sit for a moment to give his ass time to loosen up. Then, I pulled the toy in and out slowly, letting the pleasure nubs do their work on his hungry hole. The moans coming from his mouth got me so excited that I lubed up the toy a little more and then shoved the large center bulb into his ass as well. He cried out in pleasure and I squeezed his ass cheek hard. I had to calm down because I all could think about was wanting to touch myself. I let the toy sit there again so that he could relax, then I started flicking it with my finger. I wasn't sure if he'd be able to feel much from that, until he started moaning every time I did it. Oh yeah, he felt it for sure. I continued to do that for a while. Then, I began to fuck him with the toy, sliding it in and out of his ass as I cupped his balls at the same time. The toy was getting too slippery to hold onto, so I reluctantly decided to take it out and try something else. After I removed it, Husband begged me to use my fingers. I lubed them up, inserted my pointer finger and fingered his ass with it. He wanted more, so I inserted my middle finger as well. His ass felt so slippery and smooth. I imagined what it would feel like if I had a cock to shove in there. That made my clit tingle like crazy. Finally, I inserted my ring finger and massaged the inside of his ass for a while.

After I finished fingering Husband, I spanked his ass with my hand a few more times, then I released him from the handcuffs. I told him to lay there and wait for me while I washed my hands (yes, I'm a germ-aphobe). When I came back into the room, I removed the rest of my clothing. Then, I told him to flip over on his back and I climbed on top of him. I straddled him and got my pussy so close to his cock, but not quite touching, and then made out with him. He dug his nails into my back. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. But I couldn't let him know how much I wanted him just yet. I resisted. More kissing. Tongues twirling around each other. Feeling each other's breath, heavy. Suddenly, he grabbed me and forced his cock into my pussy. I moaned out in pleasure. Oh my. His cock felt so amazing filling me up. He fucked my pussy hard from underneath me. He said, "I bet you didn't know I could fuck you this hard in this position, did you?" - Wait, when did the power shift happen? - I didn't really care. I just went with it. It felt too good not to.

 I finally snapped out of it and took back my control over him. I put my hands on his chest and pushed him down hard on the bed. I grinded on him, using his pubic bone to massage my clit. I wanted to cum so badly, but I didn't want him to know that. I rode him like a sexy cowgirl as he massaged my tits. I felt his cock hit my G-spot and I moaned. I repeated that movement over and over until my G-spot exploded in pleasure. I felt my pussy tighten around his cock and we moaned together. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath, then I started again. I rode his cock so hard that it didn't take long before I was cumming again, this time gushing all over him. He cried out, "Oh my god, I'm gonna cum!" I felt his body tense up and then he shot his load into my pussy. I found myself wishing that he had shot it in my mouth instead, but it felt too good to have regrets. It was so mind-blowing that I was actually still turned on.

I went to the bathroom to pee, and then I realized that I still had not had a clitoral orgasm. No wonder I was still all hot and bothered! I went back into the room and told Husband this. He knew this was something that needed to be fixed immediately. Somehow he was already hard again as well. He told me to get on my knees, then he fucked me from behind. So hard. I just got goosebumps while thinking about it. I reached underneath myself and started rubbing my clit while he rammed his cock deep inside my pussy. I was so wet that my fingers glided over my clit so smoothly. The feeling was so perfect that I didn't last long. The orgasm raced through my whole body. It was so powerful, I was afraid that I might pass out. Husband said it was too soon for him to cum again, so he pulled out and we collapsed onto the bed. Then, we passed out in each other's arms.

A few hours later, I was woken by something poking me in the ass. Husband was grinding on my ass and running his hands all over my body. Oh yes, he hadn't gotten enough of me. He climbed on top of me and started to rub my clit. I was still pretty wet from the sex earlier, so I pushed his hand away, wrapped my legs around his waist and then pushed his cock into my pussy. He fucked me as I tightened my legs around him. I began to rock my hips, trying to find my G-spot. He grabbed my legs and pulled them up over my head and continued to fuck me harder. Yes! He found my G-spot. I reached down and rubbed my clit. Soon I was cumming all over him once again. He turned me over, told me to get on my knees and shoved his cock back into my pussy. He licked his finger and then shoved it in my ass. I cried out in surprise but went with it. He fingered my ass as he fucked me and I rubbed my clit while pushing my ass back into his thrusts. I loved having my holes filled by him. I felt my clit swell with pleasure and then it shot through the rest of my body. I told Husband that I wanted him to cum on my ass. He continued to fuck me until he was just about to cum, then he pulled out and shot his load all over my ass. I felt the warm man juice squirting all over me and it caused me to moan. I love that feeling so much. I felt so completely satisfied after all of that fun. I hope he did as well.

Husband told me how much he enjoyed every bit of the night before and I felt so proud of myself. I am definitely a submissive at heart, but I have been learning how to be more dominant. At this point, I am actually enjoying it quite a bit. Maybe too much at times! I know most women give their husbands blow jobs for their birthday, but that's a regular occurrence in our sex life. I wanted to make his birthday extra special. I'm so glad it worked like I had planned.

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