Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Playing With My Food and Getting Punished

Ever since Friday, I've been super spunky almost to the point of being bratty. Husband has been tolerating it but taking note of it (honestly, he's been loving it). Today, he decided that he'd had enough and said, "You've been teasing me all day and you're spunky as hell. You're getting a spanking when I get back home. Be ready for it. Also, you better have something inside you by the time I get back. Bonus points for creativity." Oh my, I was so excited. My mind felt all jumbled. I looked around the room thinking about what I should put inside me. Which hole should I fill? It would be too easy to put something in my mouth. Besides, if I did that, he'd probably punish me more for being so cheeky. I thought about putting something in my ass. After all, that would excite him the most. We don't really have any really good butt plugs though. I quickly decided that I should just fill my pussy. I ran around my bedroom trying to find something good. I only had about 10 minutes and I already wasted 3 of those minutes trying to decide what hole to choose. I rummaged through drawers and shelves but I couldn't find anything good in there. Sure, there are a lot of sex toys to choose from but that wouldn't be very creative. I gave up on the bedroom and went to the kitchen. Surely I could find something in there. I looked in the drawers but nothing caught my attention. I looked in the pantry and thought, "What would I find in here?!" I was stumped. Then, it hit me. I had a very creative idea that made me giggle. I opened the refrigerator, checked in the vegetable drawer, and hoped to see a cucumber. Damn, no such luck. Apparently they had all been eaten. Then, I saw a bag of carrots. Brilliant!

I grabbed the biggest carrot in the bag and ran to the sink to wash it off. The carrot was so very cold and I was hoping that the hot water would warm it up. I ran back to the bedroom with the carrot, jumped on the bed, took a deep breath, and slowly slid it inside my pussy, which was already very wet. While the hot water had taken the chill off the outside of the carrot, it was still very cold inside and I could feel all of that coldness transferring. It was so cold but I just took a deep breath and decided to tough it out. I closed my legs to hide the carrot and waited for Husband to come home. When he walked into the bedroom, I couldn't stop giggling. I had amused myself so much and I just couldn't hide it. He asked me which hole I filled and I told him. Then, he told me to open my legs and show him. When he saw it, his eyes lit up. I think it was a combination of being shocked, amused, and turned on all at the same time. He said, "Well, now I have to fuck you with this carrot." Then, he proceeded to slip the carrot in and out of my pussy, slowly. It sounded very wet and he moaned, "Mmmm, I love that sound." After he had fucked me with the carrot for a while, he took it out and said, "This looks like a very tasty carrot." He took a big bite of it and I asked, "How does it taste?" He responded with, "Delicious." Then, he put the carrot back inside my pussy and fucked it some more. When he took it out again, he put it in my face and said, "Taste it." So, I took a big bite as well. Pussy and carrot. It's an interesting combination.

Husband told me that it was time for my spanking and that I needed to get into position. So, I got up and bent over the bed. He started smacking my ass lightly with his strong hands. Slowly, he progressed to harder smacks. I started to moan out. He said, "You need something inside your ass while I do this." I groaned, "But I don't want to." He said, "Well, since you were so creative with the carrot, I'll let you decide." So, I asked if he could put something in my pussy instead. He asked, "Can I put the glass cock in there?" So, I put my ass up in the air and spread my legs. He moaned, "Good girl" and ran his fingers through my hair. I melted into a pile of goo at that moment. He slipped the toy inside my pussy and grabbed a paddle. He smacked my ass with it and then he started hitting my back with it as well. It was stingy and thuddy all at the same time. Next, he grabbed the cane bundle and started hitting me with that on my calves, moving up to my thighs, then to my ass. He hit me on my back really hard over and over. I moaned and squirmed around. Then, he spanked my ass with that for a long time. He started to use his hands again, which very much pleased me. As my ass started to hurt more and more as he continued to beat it, I squirmed around a lot. That caused him to grab a handful of my hair and pull. I tried to stop squirming but it hurt so, good. As he hit me really hard, I could feel the toy pushing on my g-spot. I moaned every time he hit me, which caused him to hit me even more. My ass was hurting so much that it started to go numb.

After an hour of spanking me, I told him that I wanted his cock in my pussy instead of that toy. So, he took the toy out and shoved his cock in hard. As he fucked me, I felt his body pressing against my sore ass and it felt so amazing. I told him to fuck me even harder, so he did. I could feel his cock ramming inside me over and over again. Fuck, it felt so good my knees were going weak. I asked him to cum on my ass. He said, "If I cum on your ass, I'm going to fuck you more after I cum." I moaned, "Yes, do it!" He fucked me so hard that he was forcing moans out of my body. Then, he pulled out and came all over my asshole. It felt so warm and gooey. Mmmm. He started to fuck me again and told me to play with my clit and make myself cum. I started to rub my clit and felt that I was already so close to cumming. My hand kept cramping up as soon as I was about to climax. I told him I needed a toy, so he grabbed a vibrator. I put the vibrator on my clit and he proceeded to finger fuck me. Oh god, I needed that so bad. Husband rammed his fingers into my g-spot over and over again while I held the vibrator to my clit. It took about 30 seconds and I was cumming all over his hand. It was such an intense orgasm.

An hour later, Husband was sitting on the couch playing a video game. When I walked into the room, he looked at me and took a big bite of that carrot and smiled. Since our daughter was sitting close by, I couldn't say anything about it. I just smiled and blushed. He finished eating that whole carrot and I had no regrets about choosing it.


  1. What a hot couple you guys are!
    Next time, if you find the carrot (or cucumber) is too cold just zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Experiment with the timing because you don't want it so hot it burns (but you can make it as hot as you can bear).

    1. That's a great idea! I wish I would have thought of that. Thanks!