Friday, December 30, 2011

Bottomed out and topped off

So, I've decided to try something a little different. Since Husband was the one that was being fucked for the most part last night, I thought it would be nice to allow him to write something from his perspective. So, without further ado...

It all started with an old urge before getting into the shower.

Once upon a day I used to bring certain "toys" into the shower with me. They weren't in and of themselves sexual in nature, but in my mind they usually quickly turned that way. My favorite used to be a back massager that was blue and crystalline that had three prongs that came off of the center bulb that all ended in smaller bulbs. I used to experiment with this toy by inserting it in my ass as deep as it would go. I absolutely loved this massager, especially when I relaxed enough to use the main bulb. I loved the feeling of something up inside of me that way, but I digress.

We have an anal toy that I picked out in a catalog that I thought would be very fun to use on the Wife, and at the same time knew that I would enjoy very much. Earlier in the evening before showering, I cleaned said toy from previous delights. Before getting into the shower, I couldn't help but stare at the magenta jelly-like anal toy with it's one beaded end, a flared bulb, a bigger flared center and imagine it up inside of me. It didn't take much convincing from my subconscious for me to drag it eagerly into the shower with me. I started off slowly with the beaded end, slipping each bead inside of me one at a time, and each nubby bead slightly larger than the previous. The pleasure from the nubs rubbing along my sphincter brought my cock to full attention. I could feel my body relaxing into the toy and I needed more. I switched to the small flared bulb end and again worked it in and out of me slowly, getting more and more excited with each internal stroke. Soon I was stretching myself to accommodate the larger flare of the center bulb and it was amazing! I realized after a few minutes of this that the shower was starting to go cold and I hadn't washed or shaved yet. I inserted the toy up to nubs on the other end and quickly washed and by the time I had finished shaving the water was too cold to continue. I reluctantly slipped each flared end out slowly, enjoying the feeling of my ass hanging on to each curve of that wonderful pink toy.

After drying off I knew that it wasn't enough, not like it used to be when I was all by my lonesome, not when we had a strap-on sitting all cozy in the bedroom. Being that I am not very forward in demanding or even asking for the things that I want I had a decision to make. I stopped to think for just a moment, of Wife all rigged up entering me from behind, and my mind was SO made up. I lit a candle in the bedroom and came out into the living room. I was shivering with nervous excitement when I brought the strap-on to her and dropped it into her lap. "I think you need to fuck me", I told Wife with as much courage and confidence as I could muster. With a peaked expression and a slightly raised eyebrow, "Oh really?" I nodded vigorously saying, "Really."

Wife went into the bedroom while I killed all the lights in the house. When I got into the room Wife was lying prostrate on the bed. Seeing her naked and bare before me like that I was filled with a burning need to touch all that beautiful flesh and to kiss and run my tongue all over it. I crossed the room to her and climbed up and started at my favorite spot, her sexy curvaceous ass. I kissed along her cheeks, and first the left, and then the right. I stopped to breath her scent in and shivered at the sheer sexual power behind that most intimate of areas. I then spread her cheeks slightly and plunged my tongue into the depths of all that I could reach, and running my tongue along her labia straining to reach her clit and running back up slowly toward her anal bud. I flicked my tongue around her opening and stopped to put some pressure on it willing it to open up for my swirling wet muscle. My tongue then traced a line up her back coming all the way up to her shoulders and her neck, knowing that Wife melts and moans in this area and that gets me all revved up.

Wife rose up from her position and slid into the straps for the strap-on, her newly added purple cock standing erect and ready for action. I climb onto the bed and grab the lube from the nightstand, pouring it onto my palm on my way to the foot of the bed before gripping Wife's cock and stroking the slick all the way down her shaft. Purple though her cock was, I was imagining it to be real and warm and pulsing under my hand and it felt great to be touching her new member. I turned and crawled to the pillows grabbing them towards my chest as I lowered my head and raised my ass up in the air slathering the leftover lube all over my ass. Wife climbed into the bed and grabbed the curve of my hips as I guided her to my opening. Slowly she penetrated my ass sliding in and out with a smooth shallow rhythm while my sphincter adjusted to her swollen cock. The moment I felt everything open up I pushed myself back so that I swallowed up the entire shaft with my ass and my cheeks smacked against Wife's body. As if waiting for her cue she started pushing her manhood into my willing hole. Bent over and submitting to her in that way was intense. When she started to ram into me hard and fast, I moaned and cried out into the bed and pillows gripping the bed uncontrollably. She was reaching something inside with the tip of her penis that was like a gong sending powerful waves of pleasure through my body each time she connected. She moaned with pleasure as she slid up inside me until I thought she was going to spill her hot cum all inside of me. Changing things up we laid on our sides and started spooning. I kept trying to angle myself to get her all the way inside of me, but laying down that way I couldn't get a good position to do so. We swapped places again, this time with her on her back, her cock stretching to the ceiling. I straddled her reverse cowgirl (or in this case maybe reverse cowboy?) lowering myself down while she held herself waiting to enter me again. I teased her cock with my ass keeping her entry shallow until I couldn't contain myself any longer and I NEEDED her deep inside of me and slapped my ass down all the way down her shaft taking all of her. I started to ride her hard and deep, rolling my hips, grinding every inch of her into me causing that gong to ring very loud throughout my body. My own cock was starting to throb and pulse with pleasure as we continued our dance. I could feel her rising up as I was going down, and we found an amazingly deep rhythmic groove. Again, Wife started to moan in pleasure, sending chills down my back and tightening me around her, and I wanted her to cum while she was inside of me. I reached down and spread her legs so that I could touch her and found her wet. I must have been fucking her really good to get her that wet, which only encouraged me more. I cupped her parts and felt her wetness all over my hand. I slid my fingers inside of her, but knowing that it wouldn't be enough to make her cum for me. I slowly pulled my fingers out and circled her clit with my very wet fingers. At first I circled just enough to get her clit to swell and ache for more, then I quickened the pace until she was crying out under me and cuming up into me.

My cock was begging for pleasure, begging to be inside of Wife. Who am I to say no? I pull Wife's cock out of my ass and turned around putting her legs up into the air as I lined up and pushed myself into her tight pussy. She was so wet I had no trouble quickly building a smooth pace going all in and coming almost all the way out, stroking her inside with the whole length of me. I love hearing and seeing how well my penis does this for her. I started to tease her some, inserting myself shallowly rubbing the upper wall of her vagina with the head of my penis while alternating a deep thrust all the way in. She responded with locking her legs around my hips dragging me in deeper and deeper until I was plunging into her g-spot over and over again.I could feel the tension in her body and her pussy as the g-spot orgasm built up and exploded while she burst out in a cry of pleasure. I pulled out completely only to shove myself back in again hitting that same spot. I could feel the tight knot of pleasure where I needed to connect and I pushed her legs up and back even further making sure that each stroke would hit her pleasure mark. We built up the pleasure together, both of our bodies tightening with the coming orgasm. She reached her hand down to touch herself and I started to feel myself coming to the edge, speeding up slightly until she came pulling my orgasm out of me as only her orgasm can. I collapsed onto her chest, knowing that I was definitely pleasured out for the night. I definitely enjoyed the hell out of myself, as well as Wife's amazing cock skills.


  1. me want to take my strap-on for a spin, husband definitely wouldn't complain about that.