Thursday, December 8, 2011

Punishment fit for a Husband

Husband has been begging me for weeks to sit on his face. I know it sounds horrible that I would say no to that. It's just that it's a hard position to stay in for long periods of time...and Husband likes to have his face in my crotch for quite a while. So, while it feels amazing, my knees tend to hate me when he's done.

Anyway, Husband did something he shouldn't have and he convinced me that I needed to punish him. Last night, I did so by sitting on his face for almost an hour. He enjoyed it too much for it to be an effective punishment, but it was fun regardless.

We started out just cuddling and talking about our day in bed. You know, that boring married couple stuff. Haha. Then I decided it was time for me to climb on top of him. I straddled him and backed my ass up until my pussy was in his face. I tucked my legs under his arms as he grabbed my ass with his hands. He let out a deep sigh and said "OMG you smell so good" and I blushed. He grabbed my hips and pulled my body closer so that his face was all up in my pussy.

He began to lick all over my pussy slowly, making his way to my clit. He circled his tongue around my clit, moaning softly so I could feel the vibrations. He kept teasing me. As soon as I would get close to orgasm, he would stop. Eventually, he put his fingers inside me, playing with my g-spot. I could feel it get more and more swollen as he continued to play with it. I moaned softly. It felt so good. I began to rhythmically thrust my hips to help his fingers penetrate me just the way I liked it. I wanted to cum so badly. I could tell Husband wanted me to cum as well. He was getting excited while waiting with anticipation of what was to come.

Husband grabbed a toy from the nightstand next to the bed. It was an interestingly shaped pink dildo-like toy. He quickly thrust it into my pussy. I moaned a little louder. It felt incredible. He thrust it harder and faster. I moved my hips faster with his thrusts. I felt my pussy get very tight, waiting for the epic release. Husband licked my clit as he thrust the toy in my pussy. Finally, my g-spot exploded in orgasm. My pussy gushed in Husband's mouth, filling it up. He moaned loudly, enjoying the fruits of his labor.

He started over, trying for a second round. He began licking my clit again and thrusting the toy inside me. He kept at it until my pussy gushed in his mouth again. I moaned so loudly that I'm sure the neighbors were pissed. Oh well, it was amazing! Husband ordered me to lay on my back with my ass hanging off the bed. He stood in front of me, grabbed my legs, and quickly shoved his cock inside my very wet pussy. He fucked me in that position, occasionally adjusting my legs in different ways. I'm very flexible, so my legs can get into some interesting positions. My pussy was so tight from all of the g-spot play and it was feeling extra sensitive. It didn't take long before I was cumming again. This time I had a g-spot and clitoral orgasm at the same time by rubbing my clit as Husband was fucking me...mmmm. Favoritest thing ever!

Husband flipped me over and entered me again from behind. He pushed me down further on the bed until my belly was flat against the mattress. This position felt very different, but good. Husband must have thought it was amazing because soon after, he came inside me. He moaned very loudly as he enjoyed his orgasm. I think he was very satisfied. I know I sure was!

Next time Husband wants me to sit on his face, I'll have to remember this night. Then, maybe I will decide that the pain from being in that position so long is worth the pleasure I feel in the end!

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