Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Night in a hotel...with no sleeping involved

Husband and I went to a Drag Show with friends on Saturday night. As usual, all the gay men in the bar were drooling over him. What can I say? He's hot stuff! We were sitting right next to the stage, so the drag queens were all over him. One of them came up and showed Husband a picture of him out of drag...obviously hoping he would be interested. He was not. There was one person that he was attracted to though. This drag queen was the hottest one there. Even I wanted a piece of that! Haha. He was feeling up Husband's chest like crazy and even gave him a lap dance of sorts, grinding his ass on Husband's lap and rubbing up against him. Husband blushed and enjoyed all of it. I enjoyed it as well! Seeing him with another man turns me on like nothing else in this world. It is hot as hell. We had a really great time and as we were leaving, the drag queen put his hand down Husband's shirt. Turns out, he was putting a napkin with his number on it in there. Maybe something will come of that? We shall see...

I was so incredibly turned on at that point, but we were riding with friends, so I couldn't do anything to relieve the sexual tension. That car ride was torture, let me tell ya. I was wishing we had wandered off to the bathroom for a few minutes. I kept staring at Husband and fantasizing, thinking so many dirty thoughts in my head and wishing he could read my mind. I just wanted to tear off his clothes, climb on top of him, and go crazy. Instead, I settled for sending him a couple naughty text messages.

We were invited to stay in a hotel with a couple friends that night. When we got dropped off at the hotel, we went up to the room as quickly as possible. We had a small amount of time before our friends showed up at the hotel. On one hand, I felt horrible for using the room they were paying for before they even had a chance to be in it...but on the other hand, I may have exploded if I didn't release all that tension! I figured they would understand. So, we stripped our clothes quickly and got to it!

Husband came up behind me and started kissing my neck. That's my second most sensitive erogenous zone. Mmmm. I moaned softly, enjoying the feeling of his warm breath on my skin. Suddenly, he shoved me down on the bed. I stood there, bent over the bed, begging for him to enter me from behind. He started to tease me with his cock, but I just couldn't take anymore teasing. I thrust my ass back so that his cock entered my pussy. I moaned loudly. It felt AMAZING. My whole body broke out in goosebumps and I felt all tingly. When Husband grew tired of that position, he turned me over and ordered me to lay on the edge of the bed with my ass hanging off. He grabbed my legs, rested them on his shoulders, and started to fuck me again. Every time he entered me, he hit my G-spot with such accuracy that I could barely breathe. I was loving that position, until Husband wanted me from behind again. He got up on the bed with me, and I noticed there was a mirror on the wall at bed height. I thought, "Oh wow. Now, this is going to be fun." I had never watched someone fuck me before and it was great! I must have one of those in my room! I think being able to watch him ram me from behind made it feel a lot better...and I didn't even think that was possible! The way his body moved...I can't even describe it with words. I almost wish I had a video! Though, I'd probably be too self conscious to post it anyway. After enjoying that for a while, we switched positions again. I laid on my back, legs up in the air, Husband pushing my legs toward my chest, and I masturbated while he fucked me. That amazing orgasm had been waiting hours to come. I was so relieved that it finally did. We got up and Husband had me bend over the bed again. He fucked me some more, and then right as he was about to cum, he pulled out and came all over my ass. That was incredibly hot. We washed up and got some clothes on just in time for our friends to show up. Not sure how guilty we both looked though. Haha.

Olivia and Shawn are two good friends of ours. They are married, but have an open marriage to a certain extent. I'm not exactly clear on all the details of that, but I know the ones that matter to me. ;)  Olivia and I have had a few sexual experiences together, however, Shawn and I just enjoy some innocent heavy flirting. Husband was worn out from all the hard work he had just done, so he decided to go to sleep on the pull-out couch bed. Shawn, Olivia and I laid on the bed together and talked for a while. Eventually things got sexual. With us, it never takes long before that happens. They are both just as sexual as I am! Shawn pulled up Olivia's shirt and we both ran our fingers lightly over her back. Just like me, her back is the most sensitive erogenous zone on her body. Shawn and I played tic-tac-toe on her back with our fingers. She would let out little moans as we were marking our spaces. It was so much fun, and not that it matters, but I won. ;) After teasing her for a while, Shawn finally lifted Olivia's skirt and revealed her sexy panties to me. Honestly, they were pretty hot. Mmmm...mental image...nice. Wish I could share with you. I will try to describe them, but the description will not do them justice. It was a teal string bikini with a big butterfly on the front and a tiny butterfly sewed on the back at the top. I loved them. She was laying on her tummy, with her ass facing the mirror that I mentioned earlier. As I watched in the mirror, Shawn's hand wandered further under those panties. He then rubbed her clit until a sweet moan came from her lips. That sound made my lady-bits fill with blood and wake up again. Shawn removed Olivia's panties and over the next hour or so (okay, I was having so much fun that I really have no true concept of time here), he gave her another 3 or 4 orgasms by fingering her. Honestly, I wished it was me doing that, but I was feeling too shy to jump in there and take over. Shawn wanted me to, I know, but I am just so shy with women that it's actually sad. I did manage to continue running my hands over her body as much as I could. During all of this, Olivia also touched me a little bit. She rubbed on my tits, played with my nipple, and just softly caressed my body.

Eventually, all the noise woke Husband. We invited him to come join us on the bed. He took us up on that invite. I scooted closer to Olivia, and he laid behind me on the bed. I removed my pants and bra to allow for easier access. ;)  Olivia and Husband ran their hands lightly all over my body. Feeling both of their hands on me at the same time was almost a sensory overload. When I'm not looking, I can't even tell whose hand is whose because Husband has such amazingly soft hands. Shawn was watching closely, which turned me on but at the same time made me nervous. I have never been naked in front of him before and I was feeling very self conscious. Husband put his hand inside my panties and started fingering me. While this was going on, Olivia and I continued to run our hands over each others bodies. Shawn was still caressing Olivia's back, and occasionally, our hands would cross over each other and he would caress my hand/arm as well. I actually enjoyed that a lot. It felt good that three people wanted to be touching me at the same time. My senses were definitely on overload. Shawn made Olivia cum one last time, and even though I love the sound of her moaning, I was having a hard time cumming myself. Usually it doesn't take very long for me to reach orgasm, but nervousness can obviously cause performance problems. The longer it took me, the more I stressed about it I got, and it turned into a vicious cycle. Husband was a trooper and continued on until I was finally able to force myself to the point of orgasm. Shawn said, "Someone give that man a gold star!" He definitely deserved one, that's for sure. That was some really hard work!

By the time we were finished, it was already 8am. Olivia and Shawn sadly had to go home. I was really looking forward to watching them fuck, but that didn't end up happening. Oh well, maybe sometime in the future that will happen. After they left, Husband fucked me doggy style in front of that mirror again. HOT! HOT! HOT! Seriously, I need one of those mirrors in my bedroom! After we were done, we got dressed, went down to eat some free breakfast foods and then went home. No rest for the wicked, you know. It was totally worth it.

Olivia and Shawn are really fun people. I love hanging out with them. I don't know a whole lot of people who are as sexual as I am. It's like a breath of fresh air. They make me feel normal, while most people are just annoyed by how much I talk about sex. I am who I am...and they love who I am. That makes me happy. I'm sure there will be many more stories about them in the future.


  1. omg im so annoyed with how much you talk about sex, GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well i don't know about anyone else but I was turned on about this sex stuff going on. I was half chub reading this thing. Mental pictures and all.

  3. It turns ME on to hear that. Thanks! ;)