Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Missing my shower fun

My favorite device that aids in masturbation would definitely have to be those portable shower heads that you can hold in your hand while you wash. I first started using them for that purpose when I was about 15. I used to shower for the sole purpose of getting off. Nothing compares to the feeling of water being sprayed on your lady bits. I love water to begin with. Swimming is my second favorite thing to do. The feeling of water on my skin is very comforting...and erotic at the same time. When I spray the water over my body...the feeling of it dripping down my body...the heat of it...just everything combined...OMG.

My ex-boyfriend's house had a jacuzzi in the back yard. When I lived with him, I would go out there to "relax" a lot. I would position myself so that the jets would hit my clit just right. It was difficult to do at times, but thankfully I'm very flexible. Those jets made me cum so hard. I miss that more than I can express in words.

I actually haven't been able to enjoy water play for about 5 years now. *sigh* It is partially my fault because I have not bought a shower head for my bathroom...mostly because I'm not sure if it can be hooked up to the faucet that we have. A few people have promised to buy me one in the past and never came through for me. I think I am finally motivated to go buy one for myself now. I miss my water fun!

Anyway, I found something that I wrote when I was 21. I decided I might as well post it here. Ah, memories...

"I was feeling very sexually frustrated, so I decided to take a shower (best way to relieve stress). I hurriedly washed my hair and my body. I only have 20 minutes of hot water when I take a shower.

When all of the conditioner was finally out of my hair, I breathed a sigh of relief and reached for the shower head. I set the water temperature as hot as I could stand and then laid down in the tub. My boyfriend just got me a new shower head for Christmas and I was excited about trying it out for the first time. It has eight different settings, so I tested each one. I put it on setting one and placed the shower head between my legs. It really wasn't that great, so I went to setting two. I continued through all of the settings and decided that I liked setting three the best.

I turned it on setting three and quickly put the shower head between my legs once again. I turned the water hotter to make the pleasure increase. It felt so good that I couldn't help but moan out loud (good thing I'm home alone). I held out as long as I could, teasing myself with the jets of water, until finally there was a bursting release of intense orgasmic pleasure. I moaned loudly and arched my back. Wow.

I started spraying the water on my breasts and stomach as I tried to catch my breath. My leg was twitching from the intense orgasm. I felt the hot water run down my shoulders and neck. I just had to go for a second round.

This time I decided to try out setting five. It has a bit more pressure than setting three. I teased myself by getting the jets close to my sweet spot, but not quite touching it. I moved the jets closer, and then moved them farther away again. Teasing myself like that made my clit grow more and more swollen. It ached so badly for release. Finally, I put the shower head between my legs and started to move the jets in a circular motion around my clit. It was so intense and felt incredibly amazing. When I came, I moaned even louder than the first time and I squeezed the side of the tub tightly. Mmmmm. It felt better than my old shower head ever did.

I love my new shower head. It was the best present I got for Christmas this year. It will come in handy when school starts again and I'm stressed out. Man, trying out a new showerhead is so exciting. Now I'm exhausted and need to sleep."


  1. Shower heads never really did it for me, I could never get the angle or whatever right and always had to finish myself off with my fingers, being under the hot water made it that much...hotter for lack of a better word, but I could never push myself over the edge with just the shower head.
    However, one of my favorite activities with a woman (men too but not nearly as much as with women) is to take a shower together. To me, soaping her up, watching the bubbles run down her body, my hands gliding over her curves slowly with the slipperiness of the soap, seeing what makes her tense a little or melt a little, taking my time getting to know her body, kissing her lightly almost teasing...is so erotic and always gets my kitten purring...you'll have to excuse me, I need to go double-click my mouse now.

  2. Nice. Now you turned me on! That shower scene you just described is actually a fantasy of mine.

  3. Should I take that as an invite into your shower? ;)

  4. You can take it however you want...and as many times as you want ;)