Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My First Kink Party

Husband and I went to our first kink party on Friday. It was pretty damn amazing. When we first arrived, I was feeling quite anxious. There were a lot of people there that I didn't know and I'm not good at socializing. I hid in the corner for a while until I felt comfortable enough to roam around the house. I did a lot of smiling and hoping that people would approach me. I wanted to talk to people, but I just couldn't find the right words. Why do I always fail at basic human interaction?

Eventually, the time came to move down to the "dungeon" and I got a little nervous. I didn't know what to expect, but I was very excited. I just followed my friend Jimbo, who is much more experienced than I. While I have been doing somewhat-kinky things in the bedroom for about 15 years now, I am very new to the scene itself. I don't know as much as I'd like to. For example, at the age of 16, I would put a collar and leash on my boyfriend and walk him around in public. Yet, I didn't truly know what it meant to be collared until recently. I was always meant to be in this scene. I just never had any connections with it until I met Jimbo. He has been great at helping introduce me to things. That being said, since I am still learning, if I misuse any BDSM terms in this post, I apologize.

As we entered the dungeon, I saw a woman tying a man to a Saint Andrew's Cross. I smiled and walked past them. As I came around the corner, I saw a bunch of people cuddling on two rugs. One rug was made of alpaca fur and the other of buffalo fur. They looked so amazingly comfortable that I wanted to lay on them as well, but then I saw something going on over in the corner. There were two people who were doing cold branding with dry ice. This wasn't something that I had considered doing because I hate cold things, but I was drawn to it for some reason. I watched person after person line up and get branded with a very cold metal cookie cutter. I winced every time, just imagining how much that must hurt. People kept telling me that it wasn't that bad. That it looked worse than it actually was. I still wasn't convinced. Husband decided he was going to get one. So, I watched him do it and then asked him how it felt. He said it was just a little sting, which made me feel better about it. I never thought I'd do it, but I was suddenly overcome with the urge to go for it. I picked out a small star and waited for it to get cold in the alcohol/dry ice slush. When it was time, I showed the girl where I wanted it on my arm, held Husband's hand and took a deep breath. If I'm being totally honest, it did hurt a little bit, but nothing compared to getting a good spanking. It stung for about 5 minutes afterward and then it just went numb. The verdict: I loved it! Three days later, it doesn't hurt at all and it's still visible. I'm not sure if the pressure of putting it on made the bruises pop up or if it was Husband slapping my arm that did it, but it looks kind of cool with the purple on it.

After I got my first branding, someone picked up some dry ice and rubbed it up and down my arm. That was my limit. I do not like coldness. AT ALL. I winced and pulled away. I think I'll just stick to the cookie cutters. I looked over at the Saint Andrews Cross again. This time, a naked woman was tied to it and a man was spanking her and running a knife across her back. I watched them play for a while and then Husband decided he wanted another cold brand. He picked out a larger one this time and I held his hand as he got it done. Obviously, he liked it as well.

We heard Jimbo say that he was going to do an energy pull. I had never heard of that before, so I was very curious. We followed him to another room and watched as he had two needles placed on the left side of his chest in the shape of an X. Then, the same thing was repeated on the right side. Another friend of his had the same done to her, and then they were tethered together with rubber bands placed on the needles. They slowly pulled against each other, getting further and further apart as time went on. It looked very intense. I definitely wasn't ready for that yet, but it's something I'm considering doing in the future.

After watching Jimbo do his energy pull for a while, I decided I wanted another cold brand. We walked back over to the dry ice and this time I picked a larger one in the shape of a bat. I took off my shirt, held Husband's hand, took a deep breath, and braced myself. It actually didn't hurt as bad as the one on my arm, but it's definitely darker and still a tiny bit sensitive when I touch it. I ran to the bathroom so I could look at it in the mirror. It was so exciting! It filled me with so much positive energy. I loved it. I wanted more, but I decided I should pace myself.

When I left the bathroom, I saw a girl writhing and moaning while sitting on some kind of contraption that was being controlled by another woman whom she was making out with. After asking someone, I found out that she was riding a Sybian, which is a masturbation device that vibrates and has optional attachments. How had I never heard of one of these before?? I watched her have orgasm after orgasm on that thing. I was in awe. I couldn't stop watching. Husband convinced me that I needed to try it, so I did. I climbed on and he started it up. I felt the vibration throughout my whole body. Husband slowly turned up the intensity while I lost myself in the sensation. I kept seeing people walking by and watching me. I couldn't even be bothered. As the vibrations reached the highest level of intensity, I tried to hold back my orgasm. I began to feel the pleasure wash over my body and I couldn't hold back any longer. I started to cum, moaning out loud so that the whole room could hear. I didn't even care. It was just amazing.

I stood up and stumbled over to the alpaca rug. On my way over there, I saw a naked woman on the massage table enjoying some electro play with a man that had a Violet Wand. I watched her spread her pussy lips and he teased her clit with the wand. I watched for a little bit and then I laid down on the rug. It was so incredibly soft that I just wanted to snuggle it forever. Husband sat next to me, rubbed my back, and played with my hair as I relaxed. I kept running my hands through the alpaca fur. I wished I had the nerve to get naked and rub my body all over it. Unfortunately, I need a bit more time to warm up to everyone before I start getting naked. Soon, Jimbo came over and cuddled with us on the rug as well. That was a really nice bonding moment for me. After a good while of relaxing on the rug, Jimbo went over to get some cold branding done. Husband decided he wanted one more, so we went over to the dry ice again. This time he got a large chain on his arm. It was much more intense than the other ones.

By this time, the man with the electro play toys had made his way over by us. He asked if we'd like to play with him. I wasn't that interested but I knew Husband would be. I tried it once and then I was done because I don't like that feeling. Husband did it for a bit longer. He very much enjoys the sensation of electricity. I'm sure it's something that he will be into trying more at a later time.

While Husband was playing with the electricity, I was watching a woman who was tied to the Saint Andrews Cross and getting flogged. The person beating her was going at it like crazy and she was moaning very loudly. I felt a twinge of jealousy. I imagined Husband tying me up and flogging me. It turned me on quite a bit. That's definitely going on the list of things to try. After the person was done flogging the woman, they put the flogger between her legs and rubbed her clit with it until she came. I had never thought of doing that, but it was pretty amusing. I definitely enjoyed watching that.

We heard that someone was doing fire play, so we tried to find where this was happening at, but we had no luck. It had either not happened, we couldn't find where it was going on, or it had already finished by the time we knew about it. I was quite sad because I really wanted to try it. We came back down to the dungeon and there was a different naked woman laying on the massage table. This woman was getting needles inserted into her breasts in a circle around her nipple. I really wanted to try the needle play, but every time I went to check it out, someone was already in line to do it next. So, I gave up on that until later. I did watch the woman for quite some time though. Earlier in the night, I saw a woman getting a corset piercing with the needles. THAT is what I really want to do. That would be just amazing. I know I'd love it. Husband isn't a fan of needles unless they involve getting tattoos. I am hoping to convince him to do an energy pull with me though.

At this point, there was free space on the bison rug, so I decided to try it out. I laid down on my stomach and Husband climbed on top of my legs. He massaged my ass for a while and I enjoyed the hell out of it, though it was turning me on a lot. Jimbo came over and laid down on the alpaca rug directly in front of me. We talked for a bit and then three people started beating him with random instruments. At one point, there were six Wartenberg wheels running along his back. So many things were used to stimulate his nerves and he enjoyed the hell out of it. He was moaning loudly right in my face and I was loving it. Being able to watch him scene was a really great experience. I wished that I could get even a portion of the attention he was getting. Alas, I am too shy to seek it out. Maybe I will be less shy next time.

After watching Jimbo scene, we decided it was time to go home. We were there for seven hours and I hated leaving. The time just flew by so fast. I've been trying to find the place where I fit in all my life. Most people don't understand me because I'm hyper sexual. But these people...I think they could definitely get me. I think I could get along with them really well if I just learned how to communicate like a normal human being. I have so many hopes for the future. I want to get closer to everyone. To be accepted in this kink family. To feel like I finally belong somewhere. This is my safe place. Who would have thought? I honestly cannot wait for the next kink party. There are so many things that I want to experience. I will definitely be counting down the days.

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