Thursday, April 18, 2013

Learning to love anal sex

I've been meaning to write about this for a while, but I haven't gotten around to it. Last night Husband and I had anal sex, so what I've been wanting to say got refreshed in my mind.

I do enjoy anal sex from time to time. Given the right circumstances, it can be a very pleasurable experience. I tried it for the first time with my boyfriend when I was 16. Needless to say, neither him nor I knew what we were doing. I couldn't figure out how to relax enough and it was horrible. I tend to feel a little scared about doing it because of those first experiences. Once I get over it and move on, things are usually alright. That is, if I am properly warmed up before someone tries to insert something into my ass.

That being said, every time I do have anal sex, I am left feeling not quite satisfied. It's like my vagina feels left out and jealous. It screams, "Hey, you're supposed to be fucking me!" I've tried having vaginal sex first and then anal afterward, and that helps a little, but not much. Double penetration is good, but not the same either. I'm not sure why, but DP rarely hits my G-spot the same way. Every once in a while (and by that, I mean it's only happened a few times) I will have a G-spot orgasm just from anal sex and I squirt everywhere. If THAT could happen every time I had a cock in my ass, I'd want it more often. Maybe the answer is just playing with toys after Husband cums in my ass. I am sure if he fucked me with a glass dildo and made me cum after he was done, I would definitely feel satisfied. Let's add that to the list of things to try.

In other news, I went to a kink meeting the other night. It was just a bunch of like-minded kinky people hanging out at a bar and enjoying some good conversation. I was somewhat uncomfortable because I went alone and only knew one person in the whole room. I didn't know him very well either. Okay, let's be honest, I was having a full blown panic attack. I try not to let social anxiety hold me back, but it's still a bitch to deal with. So, I introduced myself to people and then sat at a table by myself. Everyone seemed to be sitting in their own little groups having their own conversations and I didn't want to just butt my way in. Two men walked up to me and introduced themselves. One appeared to be about 22 years old and the other was about 40. I found out they were both dominant and apparently interested in me. They were flirting very heavily, but nothing that came out of their mouths interested me in the slightest bit. I was hoping that I'd meet some women there, but I've always been a guy magnet. The men are always interested but the women never are. Why is that? In the past, I've been told that I give off a straight vibe. I don't even know how that's possible when I'm constantly staring at boobs! If I weren't so damn shy with women, this would probably go a lot better.

Anyway, this meet and greet thing happens once a month, so I plan to go back. I'll give it a few more tries, just to be fair. I always say, I'll try anything twice. It wasn't horrible. The people were all very nice. I just tend to feel like the awkward anti-social loser in the corner. Yet, once I get to know people, I open up and talk a lot. You just have to pull that out of me. But trust me, if you stick around and wait for me to warm up, it's definitely worth it.

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