Friday, November 9, 2012

Feel free to masturbate all you want

When I was a teenager, I used to fantasize about posing nude in a magazine. I thought about it very seriously for a few years, but it never happened. I loved the thought of random people masturbating to my photos. In fact, I was pretty obsessed with that thought for a while. I used to have a lot of phone sex. Between the ages of 16 and 18, I was doing it at least four times per week. I had a list of about five people who I would regularly call. They all loved my moan and always wanted to hear it. I got off on that. They weren't masturbating to my picture, but they were still masturbating while thinking about me. While listening to my voice. That was my favorite way to pass the time. I loved all of the attention.

This all still excites me today. I no longer have phone sex like I used to and I'll probably never have a body worthy of being photographed nude, but I still fantasize about it from time to time. I think the compromise that I've made in all of this is my blog. I get so excited when I think about all of the people who may read it, get turned on and then touch themselves while thinking about the things that I've written. The possibility that they will get off on the things that I have done. Oh my, that excites me so much. I love the thought of people cumming because of me. It makes me feel powerful and sexy.

This is also the reason that I've considered posting pictures in this blog in the past. Adding more things that people may get off on excites me even more. I'm not exactly comfortable with my body though, so I'm not sure that it will ever happen. I have also been seriously considering trying to write an erotic story with the intent to get it published somewhere. I know the traffic on my blog probably isn't that high. At least not as high as I'd like it to be (that means you should share with a friend...or six!). The possibility of getting a story published in a magazine sounds really awesome though. A lot more people would see it and that would make me very happy. Maybe I will do that one day.

I guess I can't leave you without a sexy story, so I will tell you about what I did last night with my husband.

I have been upset about some things for the last couple days. So, Husband told me to make a list of the things I want him to do to me in hopes that he could take my mind off of things and help me feel better. I sent the list to him via text message and he said he was going to do those things last night. I laid down on the bed, face down, then he climbed on top of me. Once he started touching my body, I felt something come over me. I no longer wanted to do those things that sounded so good a few hours before. I asked him, "Do you want your cock inside me?" When he said yes, I responded with, "Then shove it in there and test it out. See how it feels." He slid his cock inside me and said, "It feels so wet and tight." I didn't want him to stop. He fucked me for a few minutes while I rocked my hips in motion with his thrusts, then I had an idea. I pushed him off of me, told him to lay down on the bed, and then I climbed on top of him and straddled his cock. I leaned down and kissed him passionately while I slowly slid his cock across my clit over and over again. My clit responded by getting swollen and hard. I wanted him inside me so badly and I could tell he wanted the same. I quickly shoved his cock into my wet pussy and rode him hard. I tried different angles, looking for the one that would hit my G-spot perfectly. When I found it, I started to go faster and harder. I knew I was about to cum. As my pussy tightened, Husband moaned out and then my G-spot exploded in pleasure. I gushed a little bit and then took a break for a few seconds.

Husband started to fuck me again, thrusting upward into my pussy. Despite the gushing that had just occurred, my G-spot was still very swollen. He kept hitting it. Harder and harder. Oh my, I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed my tits and closed my eyes, waiting for it to happen. I came so hard that I couldn't control myself. I gushed all over him and then he came inside me as well. He didn't stop. He kept fucking me. How was my G-spot still so swollen?? I didn't know if I had the strength to cum again, but I didn't have a choice. He grabbed my tits and fucked me harder. Fuck, it felt so good that there are no words to describe it accurately. I felt my pussy tighten and I knew it was coming. Oh god! I moaned loudly and gushed all over him again. There was so much fluid coming out of my pussy. Husband moaned, "Fuck yeah!" as it flowed all over his stomach, ass and legs. He loved it so much and of course I did as well. That was definitely an amazing orgasm. Maybe we can repeat that one tonight?


  1. Hi, I just found your blog and im now following you. Im a masturbator and love that the thought of someone jerking off to you excites you. Reading this made my dick so hard. Im on flickr and porn sites each day to stroke and cum as much as I need. If you ever did post pics I would masturbate to them. Thx for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much for telling me. I love knowing that people are enjoying my blog to the fullest extent. It turns me on just thinking about it. Please enjoy my stories...often. ;)