Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's nice to finally meet you...can we fuck now?

So, after seven years, I finally met Jacob in person on Friday. It was pretty surreal. The person that I have been sexting with and fantasizing about all these years, sitting next to me and talking face to face. The sexual tension was so thick that you could have cut it with a knife, but that was expected. We met at a coffee shop. He bought my drink, which was not expected, but very sweet. We picked a seat outside because the weather was so nice. Also, because it was more private since we knew that we would end up talking about sex. I mean, you all know me, right? I can't go five minutes without saying something sexual.

I couldn't stop looking at his hands. I know he noticed, because he purposely rested them on top of the table where I could see them. That excited me very much. He was teasing me and I loved every second of it. Eventually he said, "You can touch them if you want." How could I resist? I reached out and ran my hand over his a few times. I felt my face flush in excitement and I closed my eyes for a second. His hand felt soft, yet a little rough. Definitely man hands, but oh so sexy. I wanted to touch it so much more, but I didn't want to be weird, so I pulled away. I regretted it immediately, but I resisted reaching out again.

We talked for an hour and a half. Mostly about sex, but about other things as well. He was quite concerned about how Husband felt about the whole thing, which was very respectful and sweet of him. That's one of my favorite things about Jacob. He has no interest in disrespecting Husband or doing things behind his back. He is a genuinely good guy, and that is sexy. He said he didn't want to keep me out too late, so we got up to go. He walked me to my car, we said our goodbyes, then we kissed. It was a small kiss, but nice. He said, "Your lips are so soft." He took the words right out of my mouth, because that's exactly what I was thinking about him. I love his lips. The shape of's just hot. I had been fantasizing about kissing him for so long. I couldn't believe I didn't kiss him harder or longer. We said goodbye again, I unlocked my car door, and then he moved in for another kiss. This time there was a bit more tongue, but nothing overwhelming. It was pretty amazing. I felt my clit start to tingle and I pulled away again. Why? I don't know what I was thinking. My body told me to linger there and enjoy it, but I didn't listen to it. I need to work on that next time.

I came home and told Husband all about the night. He was happy that it went so well and he wants to meet Jacob as well. We had awesome sex that night. I was so turned on that I came almost instantly when Husband began to fuck me. I am starting to really get excited about the possibility of this going where I want it to. Excitement!

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