Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I like to be punished

Husband found out that I had been sexting Jacob all day, so he asked if he could see what we were talking about. I don't hide anything from him, so I said, "Sure". I opened up the text messages and handed him the phone. He read them, then looked at me and said, "That was hot." I was a bit surprised by his reaction, but it excited me.

He started touching my body and then ducked down under the blanket. He kissed and licked my body all the way down to my thighs, then he lingered there. Kissed and caressed my thighs as he made his way down to my pussy. He parted my lips and made a comment about how wet I was already. I felt his tongue lick the inside of my left lip, then he switched to the right side. He massaged my pussy lips with his tongue as my clit begged for some attention. He ran his tongue over my clit and made circles around it softly. I focused on my breathing and just enjoyed the feeling of his tongue on my lady bits. When he found my sweet spot, my whole body twitched in pleasure. I angled my hips in just the right way so that he kept hitting that spot. My clit swelled more and more every time his tongue flicked over it. I started to massage my left breast with my hand and then I came so hard. Husband kissed his way back up to my lips, then told me how good I tasted. I love hearing about how much he enjoys tasting my pussy.

I rolled over and laid on my belly, sticking my ass up slightly. Husband straddled my legs and then slowly slid his cock into my pussy. He fucked me very softly, teasing me. I flexed the muscles in my pussy in rhythm with his stroking and he moaned. "Damn you are so tight I can barely fit my dick inside you". Hearing that turned me on and I became more wet than I already was. He noticed and fucked me harder. I was loving it. He stopped and fucked me with his finger for a little bit, massaging my G-spot as he did. I wanted his cock though, so I told him that. He shoved his cock inside me and fucked me even harder than before.

"I want to stick something in your ass so bad", he begged me. I told him to use his finger, so he did...until he couldn't take it anymore and then he asked if he could cum in my ass. So, he flipped me over and lubed up his cock. I put my feet up on his chest as he spread my legs and lifted my ass up higher so he could put his cock in my ass. I rubbed my clit as he fucked me. He started slow, and then, he got faster and harder. He fucked me so hard that it almost felt like a punishment for what I did with Jacob. If it was, then a punishment has never felt so good before. He wanted to massage my G-spot more after he finished but I was too worn out. That being said, I was also feeling completely satisfied. We cleaned up and then climbed in bed. He wrapped his body around mine and we passed out. I wish everyone had sex as great as we do.

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