Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tied up and getting my holes filled

Wow, I've been really slacking on this updating thing. We're almost halfway through February and this is my first update of the month! To the few who read this, I'm sorry for being absent for so long. I've had some really great sex, I just haven't had the time to write about it.

Recently, a friend posted something on Twitter that got me thinking. She was telling herself to "think with the part of your brain that isn't casting a porn film." Yeah, that is definitely how my mind works. Sometimes I forget to listen to what people are actually saying to me because I get caught up in a fantasy. When I meet someone that I find attractive, I immediately picture them naked and I play out a sex scene in my head. Of course, I don't actually tell them this. Most people would be offended by that and it's hard to tell which ones would like it. I'm not sure why some people are so uptight about sex. If someone were attracted to me, I would definitely want to know about it. It's very exciting to find out someone wants you sexually. At least for me it is.

So, Thursday night, Husband tried something new in bed. To say that I LOVED it, would not even suffice. He has never been very dominant. Unfortunately, we are both quite submissive. It's hard for either one of us to force ourselves to be dominant, but we try. I tend to fail at this but Husband has been doing a GREAT job at it lately. It's been a few days, so my memories are kind of vague, but I'll do my best to tell the story...

Husband and I were laying in bed cuddling. I had decided that sleep was a good choice since I had a busy day on Friday. Then, after laying there for about 5 minutes, I changed my mind. I reached over, grabbed Husband's arm and pulled him on top of me. I was very glad that we sleep naked because I was able to wrap my legs around Husband and thrust his body toward mine, shoving his cock into my pussy. He fucked me for a few minutes, thrusting his cock in and out of my very wet pussy and making me moan.

He stopped suddenly and started to kiss and lick his way down to my clit. I felt his breath on my vulva and it gave me goosebumps. He softly ran his fingers over my labia and then slowly parted them, exposing my swollen clitoris. He licked it softly and I arched my back. He continued to flick his tongue over my clit while also pulling out a toy he had hidden. It was a penis shaped vibrator and he wanted to tease my ass with it. He turned it on, held it against my asshole, and slowly moved it around. I was getting so close to orgasm. He put two fingers into my pussy and slid them in and out, hitting my G-spot. There was so much going on. My clit was being licked, my ass was being vibrated and my pussy was being fucked by his fingers. I arched my back again and began to moan. My body started to tingle and I knew what was coming. My clit and G-spot both climaxed at the same time. It was an amazing orgasm. It was so amazing that I had to pee right after. Haha.

When I came back into the room, Husband was standing next to the bed. At first, I thought he may have to pee too. When I walked up to him, he grabbed me and shoved the top half of my body down onto the bed. Nope, he definitely didn't have to pee. While holding me down, he said "Give me your hand." I reached back with my right hand and he grabbed my wrist roughly. I moaned softly and he tied my wrist with a Japanese silk bondage rope. Then he ordered me to give him my other hand, so I did. He tied that one together with my other one, then he pulled them tightly. I tried to fight back by pulling my arms away from him. The rope dug deeper into my wrists and it felt so good. He pulled the rope harder and then forcefully shoved his cock into my pussy. I moaned louder. It had been years since someone tied me up and I was definitely enjoying it. I felt something vibrating on my ass again, which turned out to be a small purple bullet. He slowly slid it into my ass and left it there.

As Husband was fucking me, he asked me a question. "Do you know what you're gonna do next?" My curiosity peaked and I answered "No, what?" He said, "You're going to suck my cock with all of your pussy juices on it." He fucked me for a little bit longer and then pulled out. He climbed up on the bed and knelt down in front of my face. While I was still laying down on the bed, he shoved his cock into my mouth. He asked, "How does your pussy taste on my cock? Do you like that?" I loved hearing him talk to me like that. My clit was throbbing so badly. He fucked my mouth while rubbing my clit with his fingers. It didn't take long before I was orgasming again. I moaned with his cock still in my mouth. That pushed him over the edge and he shot his cum deep inside my mouth. He pulled out and I swallowed his juices. He collapsed next to me and we both let out a huge moaning sigh. Amazing sex. Mmmm.

This is a side of my husband that I could definitely get used to. I know it's hard for him to be dominate, but he does it so well. I can tell he enjoys it as well. I'm looking forward to the next time he shows this side of himself.

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