Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sinful Sunday: Lounging Goddess

Husband took this photo and said that I needed to call it “Lounging Goddess.” I’m a good girl, so of course I did as I was told. 

When someone buys me something from my wish list, I do a photo shoot and send them a few pictures as a thank you. I got this very sexy lingerie a few months ago and due to anxiety, depression and stress, it took me way too long to try it on. Thankfully, the person who sent it was very understanding and patient. I’m so glad I finally tried it on because I instantly fell in love. The color, the lace, the comfort, the sexiness. It has it all. 

Check out who else is sinning by kissing the lips below.
Sinful Sunday


  1. Beautiful ... and so glad you did get to put it on ... and you wear it so well !!!
    Xxx - K

  2. What a gorgeous little outfit. I'm glad you're feeling less anxious N x